Custom GameUp AEG "Basic" Starter Package for AK47/AK-47 AEGs

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    Our take:  Airsoft Megastore's GameUp AEG-essentials package for metal gearbox AK47 AEG is designed to help you get the MOST out of your Airsoft AEG.  We bundle all of your most basic AEG necessities into one custom package, which offers a discount on TOP of our already-lowest prices on accessories to help you save big!

    Don't hassle with cross-matching accessories for your AK47 ever again.  With our GameUp essentials package, you have EVERYTHING you need to start playing right out of the box.  It's simple:  just pick your AEG, find the corresponding GameUp essentials package, and you're good to go.  You get convenience, [additional] cost-savings, and the peace of mind that these accessories WILL work with your AEG.

    This custom GameUp package includes:
    - TWO (2x) 600-round thermold high capacity AK47 magazines ($25.90).  The general rule of thumb for most players is to carry at least 2-3 mags for their primary weapon (AEG) with them at all times, both indoors and outdoors.  We satisfy that basic need here with 2 high-capacity magazines.
    - TWO (2x) Bags of 4,000rd GoldenBall ProSlick Elite Competition Grade BBs - 8,000 ROUNDS TOTAL ($23.90).  Shooting high-quality BBs out of your metal gearbox AEG is a MUST.  Without good BBs that have good spherical consistency, adequate density, and a polished, seamless exterior, you run the risk of damaging your internals and in most cases, voiding your gun's warranty.  This is 8,000 rounds of the finest 0.20g BBs on the market today, good enough to get you through your first game or two (depending on how much you shoot/how long you play).  GoldenBall ProSlick BBs consistently outperform the competition by offering superior flight stability, accuracy, and increased power (higher FPS) for your AEG.
    - ONE (1x) KWA High Performance 460rd XL Speedloader ($19.95).  Load your magazines quickly and efficiently with a handy speedloader.
    - ONE (1x) Diamond Tactical OpSpec Tactical 3-Point Adjustable CQB Sling BLACK ($29.95).  Lugging around your Airsoft rifle while trying to maintain focus on the game is no easy feat.  The Diamond Tactical Three Point tactical sling is designed to relieve the stress of holding your rifle while improving your range of motion, which is otherwise limited if you are constantly holding your weapon with both hands.  It's an essential piece of gear that EVERY Airsoft player should own.

    Check compatibility:
    This package's contents are compatible with all metal gearbox AK47 Airsoft AEGs (automatic electric gun).  This includes metal gearbox AEGs from: JG, CYMA, Echo 1, DBoys, Classic Army, ICS, G&G, and Tokyo Marui.

    1. 2x GoldenBall ProSlick Seamless 0.20g Airsoft BBs - 4000rd Bag

    2. G-Force OpSpec Tactical 3-Point Adjustable CQB Sling BLACK

    3. 2x JG 600rd Thermold High Capacity Airsoft AK47 AEG Magazine

    4. KWA High Performance M16 Mag Shaped BB SpeedLoader XL Hi-Cap

    Package Includes
    : 2x 0.20g GoldenBall BBs - 4000rd Bag, OpSpec 3-Point Sling, 2x JG 600rd Hi-Cap Magazines, KWA SpeedLoader

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    Super Convenient!
    By: Ryan B.

    "The 2 mags fit my AK47 perfectly, the BB's are really nice, and there is a good amount of them. The speed loader is... a speed loader. Sometimes the plunger doesnt come up all the way so BB's dont always come out. Hm. And the sling is really nice, it came with some adjustment peices in case your gun doesnt have rings to attatch a strap to. Overall very handy and should be in the cart with your new AEG :D"

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