AMA Airsoft Tactical Loadout: Assault Gear w/ RRV Chest Rig - OD

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    AMA Tactical Gear Loadouts:
    Our specialized airsoft tactical gear loadouts are designed to fit specific airsoft playing styles, such as fast paced close quarter combat, outdoor assaults, and long range sniping.  Each loadout is equipped with our high quality tactical gear, accessories and MOLLE pouches handpicked by our knowledgeable staff to ensure that players are ready for any type of airsoft battle.  Included with each tactical loadout package is a high quality tactical rig, such as a chest rig, plate carrier or tactical vest, as well as other tactical accessories, including helmets, dump pouches, tactical belts, and other useful tactical gear.  These loadouts contain everything you need in one low cost package!  By purchasing one of Airsoft Megastore’s tactical loadout packages, you can save up to 30% on the essential tactical gear you need on the airsoft field!  Whether you are an experienced airsoft player looking to gear up for a different playing style, or if you are kitting up for the first time, our Airsoft Tactical Loadouts are perfect for you!

    Our take:  The AMA Tactical RRV Loadout package is the perfect assault rig for any player.  This Airsoft Megastore Armory RRV gives players the same amount of MOLLE space as plate carrier, while still maintaining mobility and speed.  Designed as a high speed low drag loadout, this package comes fully loaded with  the RRV chest rig, a dump pouch, an AMA universal drop leg pistol holster, an AMA drop leg M4 mag pouch, G-Force knee pads, and a MOLLE 2 liter bladder hydration pack.  If you are a player looking to maintain the customization of a MOLLE plate carrier while still having mobility and speed, then this RRV loadout is the perfect solution for you!


    Note:  ONLY individual items listed below are included as part of this loadout package.

    1. AMA MOLLE Strikeforce RRV Chest Rig

    2. G-Force MOLLE Dump Pouch

    3. AMA Universal Drop Leg Pistol Holster

    4. AMA Double M4 Drop leg Pouch

    5. G-Force Tactical Knee Pads

    6. AMA MOLLE Hydration Pack

    Package includes:  Chest rig, dump pouch, pistol holster, M4 magazine pouch, knee pads, hydration pack

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