PACK OF 3x TENERGY Lithium "Propel" 3V 1400 mAh CR123A Battery

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    Manufacturer's Information:  The Tenergy Propel CR123A 3V non-rechargeable lithium battery is one the most popular, widely used and tested CR123A lithium batteries on the market. This high capacity CR123A is designed to deliver long run times in every device that it powers whether it is an LED or incandescent flashlight, a camera, or a high tech gadget.  Independent tests have shown Tenergy Propel CR123A batteries excel in higher drain devices and often outperform the 'big name' cells in those types of devices.

    Every Tenergy Propel CR123A battery incorporates PTC protection and the PTC threshold is set at 5AMPS. The protected Tenergy Propel CR123A batteries prevent excessive discharge that can damage lithium cells and may lead to catastrophic incidents.

    Features and Benefits:
    - High power CR123A Lithium Ion Batteries
    - Perfect for use in Airsoft Tactical M900 / M900A Flashlight Systems
    - Ultra long shelf life of 10 years with minimal natural discharge.
    - Ultra high energy density and lasts 3-5 times longer than ordinary alkaline batteries in high current drain devices
    - Fast Flash performance with a consistent and very short recycle time.
    - This highly performance CR123A can replace the following models: CR123, DL123A, K123A, EL123AP, VL123A, 5018LC, and CR17345.
    - UL listed and Passed UN transportation tests (T1-T8).
    - Warning: Can Not Be Recharged!

    Technical Specifications:
    Voltage: 3V
    Normal Capacity: 1400 mAh
    Self-discharge Rate: <1% per Year
    Max. Constant Current: 1500mAh
    Max Pulse Current:  3000mAh
    Normal Weight: 16 g
    Operating Temperature: -20 C ~ 60 C
    PTC High Current Discharge Protection: 5AMP

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    By: Noah

    "I put these in the g900. My light only has the 160 lumens... holy cow is it bright at night. Great output."

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