Certified Pre-Owned: WellFire MB13A APS SR-2 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle - OD GREEN

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    An authorized Airsoft Megastore Technician completed a thorough inspection of this Wellfire Sniper Rifle, made all necessary repairs, and rated this product as:

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    Gun, magazine.

    AMS CPO:  Industry Leading Quality, Value, and Performance
    Airsoft Megastore’s Certified Pre-Owned Airsoft Gun program is unlike any other category of Airsoft guns on the marketplace. We’re always thinking about new ways to save our customers money on their Airsoft purchases while NEVER compromising on quality, and our CPO Airsoft Guns Sales Program is no exception to that rule. As the market-leader and the #1 fastest-growing Airsoft retailer in the nation, we’ve pioneered a new way to buy high performance, high quality Airsoft guns for less.

    What’s CPO?
    Airsoft Megastore’s Certified Pre-Owned Airsoft Guns are Airsoft guns that have been returned to us, either due to a previous buyer no longer wanting the product, or due to a minor manufacturer’s defect. They are deemed by our Certified Technicians to be in too GOOD of a shape to boneyard, but due to packaging being scuffed up or other minor reasons, are NOT good enough to be restocked. Airsoft Megsatore’s Certified Technicians make this call based on an authorized list of requirements to ‘qualify’ an Airsoft Gun as a candidate for C.P.O. sales, and an experienced Lead Technician then makes a final determination to authorize its entry into the C.P.O. inspection, refurbishment, and upgrade program (shortened I.R.U. process). The I.R.U. process essentially returns a gun to original manufacturer standards, typically through a standard scope, maintenance, and various internal/external refurbishment procedures (i.e. changing out internals, polishing externals, etc).

    Technician Empowerment
    In our company culture, our employees are always EMPOWERED to do the right thing. But we’ve found that our Certified Technicians are often a different breed than your regular run-of-the-mill Airsoft tech, in the sense that they are PASSIONATE about the performance of YOUR AIRSOFT GUN. We believe it’s just good business to empower our technicians to do what’s needed, and to offer you a top-notch product that even the most hardcore Airsoft enthusiasts would be proud to own.

    CERTIFIED Pre-Owned? More Like CUSTOMIZED Pre-Owned!

    What does that mean for you? Simple: UPGRADES. Whenever it’s warranted, our Certified Technicians will not only RESTORE an Airsoft gun to factory specifications, they will also choose to, AT THEIR DISCRETION, perform CUSTOM upgrades and enhancements to the gun for more optimized performance, including but not limited to installing upgraded springs, air nozzles, upgrading pistons and/or piston heads, re-polishing barrels and/or installing tight-bore barrels, just to name a few.

    In a sense, EVERY single C.P.O. Airsoft Gun sold at Airsoft Megastore has been, to some degree, customized and given special attention by our Certified Technicians. And the best part? EVERY AIRSOFT MEGASTORE CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED AIRSOFT GUN COMES STANDARD WITH OUR INDUSTRY-LEADING 31 DAY WARRANTY AND IS PRICED TO SELL, meaning you are virtually buying a new gun, complete with a new gun warranty, for the price of a used Airsoft gun. No other Airsoft retailer in the WORLD offers a better deal, and we’re proud to continue to innovate new sales programs such as our CPO program in our effort to Bring Airsoft to the Masses.

    Certified Pre-Owned: WellFire MB13A APS SR-2 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle - OD GREEN Categories:

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