Licensed COLT .25 Compact Spring Airsoft Pistol - Black

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Our take: The Colt .25 Compact Airsoft pistol is a tiny 'pocket-gun' pistol, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and yet still packs a decent punch for its size.  It is a fully licensed model by Colt, and is just a fun pistol to shoot.

With a 7-round magazine capacity, it works great as a backup weapon, as it's small enough to store virtually anywhere.


Power:  150-160 FPS with 0.12g seamless BBs
Magazine:  7 round capacity
Weight:  200g
BB Type:  0.12g seamless 6mm BBs

Package includes: Colt .25 Compact pistol, pack of BBs

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Product Reviews

My Secret Weapon
By: Bryan

"Okay, well this is total garbage compared to the full-metal SMGs I use, but it serves a great purpose. I can fit it in my coat or hide it somewhere so if I'm captured in an airsoft match I can grab the guy and pull out this lil' 'ol small buddy here!"

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cute and compact
By: Carlton

"I bought 2 of these little pistols so my son and I could get some fun exercise cutting up in the house and back yard. They are not very powerful so if used inside I don't have to worry about breaking anything. They are pretty inaccurate past about 30 feet so if you want something for serious play these will not be what you want. For cutting up in the house and close proximity though they are fun. Been playing with them for about 2 months and no problems other than sometimes releasing the magazine when cambering a pellet quickly due to my big hands and the small handle."

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Great Gun
By: Blake

"I got this gun for a birthday gift it came in a 2 gun pack with 2 extra mags mine is also clear I use as my last resort every airsoft war great gun for price and I taped it to the rail of my ak and it worked great buy"

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great little gun
By: Jesse

"this gun is great! it is easy to fire and a great little sidearm pros great for cqb easy to fire accurate from 25 feet away cons after 25 feet it you cant hit anyone"

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Secondary to a Secondary
By: Michael

"I've had one of these for about 4 years now and it hasn't broken yet. It still works great and the only problem I've had with it is that the orange tip fell off some time ago. It's light weight and it is about the size of your palm. I use this as a secondary to my secondary 1911. It can fit easily into a pocket and can shoot pretty straight with .20's. This is a great little gun and it can save you in matches. I use this in one shot you're out matches with my friends and when they see me shoot them with my little Colt 25, all they do is get pissed off at you and your little Colt 25 (: Overall a great little sidearm and I would highly recommend it."

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Good, but better price
By: Brendan Macklem

"i got thes exact gun at meijer, only i got two, with two extras mags, and like 50 bbs. and it was only 20 dollars. much better deal! also, the kind i gt was the "special edition metal" so it was like 80% metal, and it had a 15 round mag instead of seven. overall, good gun, i like it. it hurts. get it at meijer!"

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easily concealed
By: vincent holm

"i just oredered this pistol and i'm pretty jazzed about it. i got it specifically for the reason that if i'm taken prisoner in a firefight, i can hide it in my boot or something as a last resort kinda thing. not too sure about the performance, so i wasn't really sure what kind of rating to give it. so yeah, i threw in a 4 star rating."

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Fun little toy
By: Gavin

"I was expecting a small magazine, break within a day kind of gun, but I was pleasantly surprised. It's really small and concealable. It shoots at about 150 fps and has a 15 round mag. It doesn't shoot beyond 20 yards accurately with any form of wind. It's overall pretty fun"

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A pleasant surprise.
By: Esquire

"Great little gun for the mOney and highly concealable. Good last resort weapon. Pros: Metal trigger and safety Cheap Fairly accurate, powerful and durable. Cons: Gonna break sometime Small plastic clip Overall a good gun for the money. You get what you pay for. I ended up liking this gun a lot. I recommend a buy on it. "

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By: Michael Lehman

"This is a fun little gun because it shoots well for being so little. It is not good in an airsoft war but it is fun to go 1 on 1 if two people have this gun"

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Good Back Up Pistol
By: Nitai

"The Colt .25 is a small gun that is about the size of a persons palm. It has a nice feel to it but the iron sights are pretty hard to use. The .12 bbs fly upward or curve sideways so I recommend using .20 or heavier bbs. It does jam a lot when you shoot it for a while. "

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Great gun for beginners and pros!
By: Neal Lenzie

"LOL its a great gun to hide in your pocket or when your running away! It will distract your enemies"

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