KWC Licensed Sig Sauer P226 HPA Airsoft Pistol w/ Full Metal Slide

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    Our take:  Airsoft Megastore is proud to offer one of the most realistic heavyweight high-powered Airsoft spring pistols on the market today, the KWC HPA-SERIES (Heavy, Powerful, Accurate) Sig Sauer P226, which is officially licensed by Sig Sauer and bears the iconic trademarks on the full metal slide.  The build quality is excellent on this P226, as it is with most KWC HPA-series pistols.  It's made with high quality, ultra-durable heavyweight components throughout, including a full metal slide complete with Sig Sauer trademarks, metal barrel, and select metallic internal parts for maximum durability, accuracy, realism and power.  This pistol is extremely powerful, shooting at about 295-315 FPS (feet per second w/ .12g BB's) with an effective range of 100 feet, performance figures typically reserved for full metal gas pistols, let alone a spring pistol!

    From the high grade components to the realistic feel, this pistol is definitely a great buy, especially at Airsoft Megastore's guaranteed lowest price.  Performance wise, the KWC Sig P226 HPA is at the top of the food chain in comparison to other spring pistols on the market.  There is nothing on the market that can come close to KWC's HPA-series of heavyweight, full size 1:1 scale replica airsoft pistols, since KWC developed this specific line of pistols to be the BEST OF THE BEST in terms of airsoft spring pistol, both quality and performance wise.  

    A functional safety, along with authentic engraved serial number markings on the pistol compliment and enhance this pistol's high sense of realism.

    * This enhanced HPA model of the Sig P226 has a pre-upgraded power-enhancing spring installed from the factory, which allows for maximum power right out of the box.  It also features the revolutionary BAX "Ultimate Accuracy System", which enables the airsoft pistol to provide a proprietary back-spin on every BB exiting the barrel, allowing for a straight line, dead-on BB trajectory that is sure to enhance accuracy greatly on every shot.



    Power:  295-315 FPS with 0.12g seamless BBs
    Safety:  Functional
    Magazine:  12rd capacity
    Weight:  1.3 pounds

    Ammo type:  0.12g or 0.20g seamless 6mm BBs

    Package includes:  KWC HPA-Series Fully Licensed Sig Sauer P226 pistol, manual, pack of BBs

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    Product Reviews

    By: Maximus

    "I got this gun a little while back. I needed a secondary to go with my M4. This is now my primary. It is EXTREMELY accurate. I have a 2 inch by 1 inch piece of plywood that I shoot at from 75 feet away. And I hit it 8/10 times. Very nice weight, not to heavy, and not to light. Feels like a real gun. I would by this gun again if it was $50. At $28, this is a true steal. Don't wait! Get this gun!"

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    By: George Mahfood

    "this gun is an unbeatable spring gun for the price but is it long lasting"

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    Great Gun.
    By: Brian Sams

    "From what I can tell, its an amazing gun. The quality is over-the-top and has an amazing fire-rate. The mag capacity is low, but its a SPRING PISTOL and, frankly, thats not a bad capactiy. And to the guy below me, the bb's are supposed to curve up or werever it is they go, thats what hop-p is."

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    Good Gun
    By: Andrius

    "My opinion of this gun: PROS: Powerful Easy to pull back slide Lightweight Great iron sights Good Grip Weaknesses: Mag Cap (12) Trigger and Safety are cheap plastic The bbs tend to curve up Summary: A good gun for a cheap price. This is my first airsoft pistol and I love it! Fun to shoot but the mag is very low cap. Overall a good pistol if you you are new into airsoft and have a budget."

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