JG Dual 600rd AK47 Airsoft High Capacity Magazines w/ Mag Clamp Combo

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    Our take:  As airsoft players ourselves, first and foremost, we HATE running out of BBs during the crucial moments of an engagement/exchange, especially to find out later that running out of BBs or taking the extra 30 seconds to reload cost you and your team the game.

    That's why we created the DUAL-CAP magazine package for your JG, CA, TM, ICS, CYMA, Echo 1, DBoys airsoft metal gearbox AK47 AEG.  It effectively DOUBLES your magazine capacity from 600 rounds to 1200 rounds!  The package includes TWO (x2) metallic 600rd high capacity magazines that hook together with a metallic magazine clamp to help you keep the two bad boys locked together.

    Package ALSO includes TWO (x2) speed-winder keys (insert them on the side of the magazine for faster winding).  Compatible with  JG, CA, TM, ICS, CYMA, Echo 1, DBoys AK47 AEGs.  Good quality and finish.

    For 440 rounds of firepower, choose Airsoft Megastore's DUAL-CAP magazine package.

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    Product Reviews

    Just what I needed
    By: Adrian Brasi

    "Earlier, I was practicing switching mags, and I sucked at it. And I sit there watching my friend, his three attached mags, and his G36 pwning everybody. Not anymore, sucker."

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    "finally, these are metal mags that hold 600rds and no more ducktapeing!very durable mags."

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    By: Justin Spear

    "This will fit in a Crossman Pulse R76. I bought it for mine and it fits better than the original mag. Mine did not come with the little cranks. I think that is an error, they are probabl for a different kind af mag."

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    By: Gunner

    "These magazines saved my butt! I was in the field, getting powned, switched to a new mag and owned."

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    AK 47 dual mags.
    By: Melissa Hollomon

    "Didn't recieve the wind keys, and even if they did come with it, you can only wind one of the mags, since the holes are on the same sides. other than that they rock. i didn't think the attachment would work with the hinge on the AK mags, but after the right alignment and amount of pressure, its a perfect fit. plenty of room for both clips to work no problems. "

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    Different mags
    By: Shooter

    "I recieved my Dual-Cap PKG...these magazine DO NOT have the quick-wind up keys (and the mags won't use them anyway). Also the magazine clip didn't come set up for the AK mags I purchased."

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