9.6V 1600 mAh NiMH Intellect Stick-Type Battery for AK-S AK74 AEG

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    Our take:  This is a premium INTELLECT high-quality NiMH rechargeable battery for use in select AK74 AEG rifles (slightly longer battery due to extra cell).  Intellect batteries are built with top-notch quality for assured performance and are known in the airsoft and R/C hobby communities consistently as some of the highest quality, best-value batteries on the market — especially for airsoft use.  Intellect battery cells go through one of the most stringent quality control processes in electronics/component manufacturing and are backed by a proprietary R&D process that enables Intellect batteries to outlast the competition and stand out as the #1 battery option for airsoft players.

    - 30A drain rate
    - NO memory effect (durable)
    - AK stick configuration
    - Best if stored in temperatures between 35-70 degrees
    - Keep away from sun light or heat

    Capacity:  1600 mAh
    Voltage:  9.6V
    Plug Type:  Mini Tamiya Female
    Cell Size:  2/3A
    Number of Cells:  8
    Cell Chemistry:  NiMH

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    Product Reviews

    By: Michael

    "This is a great battery. Increased my fps and rof and lasts more than twice as long as my other one. To answer questions if you have a charger adaptable to Mini-Tamiya Female batteries (basically the small chargers) you should be good. The Dboys kalash charger does charge this, however, a high qaulity battery like this should always be charged by a smart charger."

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    By: that guy

    "this battery is insane. i put it in my mp5k with some fileing down of peices for it to fit. i have been using the tenergy 8.4v stick battery for a half a year or so and i just got this. WOW this increased the r.o.f. by a lot, it shoots just as fast as one of the guys i play with who uses a lipo. highly recomend if u what to increase the speed and add a little power for cheap "

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