AMA Airsoft Large Frame Drop Leg Pistol Airsoft Holster - BLACK

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    Our take:  With rugged 600x600D high quality construction using the finest materials, the Airsoft Megastore Armory line of tactical gear offers the best bang for the buck on the market.  Comparable 600x300D holsters sell for $20-$30, while other true 600x600D construction drop leg holsters sell for over $35-$50+.

    The Urban Assault LARGE Drop Leg Holster is a high quality, player-oriented holster that was specifically designed for larger-frame pistols.  Though it fits compact frame pistols perfectly, it can also accommodate larger pistols, up to the likes of the Desert Eagle.  This holster protects and stores you sidearm, securing it while allowing for quick and easy access to the weapon.  Equipped with two adjustable leg straps and a single adjustable belt strap, this holster is solid.  It fits many standard-sized pistols such as M9, M92F, P226, P229, but has been especially designed to fit larger pistols such as the 1911, P220, HFC M9 XL (w/ compensator), WE 1911 Dragon 7", and of course, Desert Eagles.  At the introductory sale price, it is an absolute steal.

    In comparison to the majority of the other sub-$30 600x300D holsters currently on the market, the Airsoft Megastore Armory Urban Assault Drop Leg Holster stands out in a league of its own due to the simple fact that it has better build material and precision stitching, allowing it to be up to twice as strong in wear-and-tear tests conducted between the Airsoft Megastore Armory UA Drop Leg Holster's material and a leading 600x300D holster's material.

    - Fits M9, M92F, P226, P229, 1911, P220, HFC M9 XL (w/ compensator), WE 1911 Dragon 7", Desert Eagle
    - Precision high velocity QuikSnap pistol retention snap/buckle
    - 2 adjustable length leg straps with high quality strengthened polymer clips
    - 1 adjustable length belt strap with large high quality strengthened polymer clip
    - 2 integrated side magazine pouches with covers
    - 1 integrated side compact ammo pouch
    - Adjustable size (for leg size and user height); universal fitment

    Color:  BLACK

    Why Airsoft Megastore Armory?

    Airsoft Megastore Armory was founded on the principle of bringing premium grade products to the Airsoft market at aggressively low prices.  The MilForce line of holsters and gear does just that, bringing genuine 600x600D Tactical-Grade construction (preferred by military trainers and experienced Airsoft enthusiasts alike) to the market at unbelievably low prices.  The attention to detail, quality in materials, stitching and construction, among other things, has made Airsoft Megastore Armory gear highly desirable, as beginning players and veteran players alike can enjoy rugged, durable gear at a price that won't break the bank.

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    Product Reviews

    By: Gabriel Keeffe

    "First off, this a a huge holster. It can be adjusted however to fit probably almost any co2 pistol. It can hold 3 extra clips, and is VERY adjustable. Theres straps on it that i dont even know are for. One problem. Its very loose around the leg unless youre an adult probably. The leg straps are as adjustable as they should be. fits my 500 fps 1911 cos pistol perfectly, and its way bigger then the average pistol. Insanely good quality construction and looks great for a great price. I would only recommend if you have a really big pistol, but if you do, this IS the holster for you."

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    yes it does
    By: randy marange

    "if it says it can fit a m9 than it can fit an m93 because an m93 is an m9 so yes it can and also this is a great gun holster fro the price!!!!!!!"

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    To guy beow me
    By: Barbara Cannon

    "A m9 and a M93 raffica are two different guns. the raffica usually has a handle (dont kill me im not sure what its called) on the front end of it. although yes it would still probably fit in the may be to big though this holster is made for Desert eagle sized weapons"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Great for big guns that needs a big leg holster
    By: Captain America

    "This leg holster is BIG!!!! Great for those desert eagles and big six shooters even some sub-machine guns like a mac11 or a machine pistol for me I use it for my sawed off double barrel shotgun and works like a charm! but Ill note this if you are a skinny guy its going to be hard to keep tight because it is LARGE! Over all great product! "

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