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    Our take:  The all-new AMA Urban Assault line of premium-grade tactical gear is available exclusively at Airsoft Megastore and has been highly-anticipated for some time.  With rugged 600x600D high quality construction using the finest materials, the AMA line of tactical gear offers the best bang for the buck on the market.  Comparable 600x300D vests sell for $40-$60, while other true 600x600D construction Tactical Vests sell for over $60-$100+.

    The Urban Assault Cross Draw Vest is a high quality, player-oriented vest that both protects and stores.  Equipped with 8 tactical pouches, a modular cross-draw holster, and a modular tactical belt, this cross draw vest is ready to withstand the rigors of Airsoft combat while simultaneously providing storage for spare mags, your sidearm, spare sidearm mags, a radio, and many other pieces of pertinent gear and accessories.  At the introductory sale price, it is an absolute steal.

    In comparison to the majority of the other sub-$60 600x300D cross draw vests currently on the market, the AMA Urban Assault Cross Draw stands out in a league of its own due to the simple fact that it has better build material and precision stitching, allowing it to be up to 164% stronger and more durable in wear-and-tear tests conducted between the AMA UA Cross Draw vest’s material and a leading 600x300D cross draw vest’s material.

    - Premium high velocity NoSnag zipper
    - 3 Integrated high strength rifle mag pouches with hook & loop open/close flaps
    - 3 Integrated high strength pistol mag pouches with hook & loop open/close flaps
    - 1 Integrated cross draw pistol/sidearm holster with adjustable snap
    - Tactical rubberized Sniper shoulder pad
    - 1 Integrated Admin Pouch for misc. accessories and/or shells, etc. with hook & loop flap
    - 1 Integrated Side Acc. Pouch for accessories and/or ammo (BBs) with hook & loop flap
    - Modular webbing on rear of vest for easy additional gear mounting
    - Adjustable size (for height and waist), universal fitment sizes S-XL
    - Adjustable tactical utility belt, easily removable


    Why AMA?

    AMA was founded on the principle of bringing premium grade products to the Airsoft market at aggressively low prices.  The Urban Assault line of vests and gear does just that, bringing genuine 600x600D Tactical-Grade construction (preferred by military trainers and experienced Airsoft enthusiasts alike) to the market at unbelievably low prices.  The attention to detail, quality in materials, stitching and construction, among other things, has made AMA gear highly desirable, as beginning players and veteran players alike can enjoy rugged, durable gear at a price that won’t break the bank.

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    guy below me
    By: Tucker Minor

    "yes it would"

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    By: dan buchan

    "pros: very durable camo is good has a hydration pouch can take holster off cons:zipper belt is kinda hard to take off"

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    Proficient Vest
    By: Barnabas BusMan

    "The first thing is the size of the vest, now, i'm 5'/8" weighing at 136 Lbs, this thing SHOULD fit me, but it only fits me on the sides, not on the top. On the top of the vest there are 2 velcro straps that keep the vest on your shoulder, the velcro on these straps don't reach down far enought, so the shoulder always sagged forward when i had my pistol mags in the mag pouches. Second thing, which is the one that pissed me off the most is the M4 mag pouches. These pouches are not strong. One of them ripped, making it super hard for me to load my mags. They are also hard to reach and all of the are difficult to put mags in, making the purpose of this vest pretty destroyed. Overall, it's not worth it. Save up for a better vest. This one is only $74.95 and is really good: Tactical MOLLE RRV Chest Rig PROS: Price Look Weight (has a nice weight to it) Comfortable CONS: Weak mag Pouches top velcro back straps don't reach down all the way Mag pouches hard to access "

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