AGM Airsoft M180A2 Sawed Off Shell-Fed Shotgun w/ Tactical Flashlight

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    Our take:  The M180A2 sawed off shotgun is a realistic replica of a sawed off shotgun as it is shell fed, just like the real thing.  It has a nice weight to it and shoots quite hard at 300 FPS+.  This package also comes with the tactical flashlight unit, which helps to illuminate your path in adverse lighting conditions.

    The AGM M180A2 tactical shotgun is a departure from the AEG/Gas powered Airsoft "norm."  Sure, AEGS are stunning in their rate of fire, but nothing can compare with the feel of a realistic, shell-fed pump action Airsoft shotgun.  Lock, load, and pump just before drawing down on an opponent and unleashing a barrage of BBs.

    Featuring an integrated adjustable Hop-Up system and a reinforced barrel to maximize not only close-quarter tactical efficiency but also long-range accuracy.  And shooting at up to 350 FPS, we can vouch for the indisputable intimidation it brings to bare on the playing field.

    This shotgun is 'sawed-off', meaning it can be maneuvered into tight, close-quarters battle situations with ease, and weighs in at a versatile 3.5 pounds to help reduce fatigue during extended skirmishes.

    The package comes with four shotgun shells, each which hold 14 rounds (enough firepower to keep you running and gunning for some time), an external shell-holder to secure your additional shells to the stock for easy reloading access, along with a handy speed-loader to get you quickly into the game and a carrying strap for more versatility.

    Operation:  Spring action
    Firing Modes:  single shot
    Muzzle Velocity:  295-345 FPS
    Magazine: each shell holds 14 BBs, package comes with 4 shells
    Hop-up:  Adjustable
    Rifle Weight:  3 pounds
    Ammo type:  0.12gram seamless bbs, 0.20gram seamless bbs, 0.25gram seamless bbs

    Package includes: shotgun, 4 shells, tactical flashlight

    NOTE:  This spring gun is not recommended for field use.  This airsoft gun shoots at low muzzle velocity and is not built to endure heavy game play.  While this airsoft gun is perfect for backyard skirmishes, or as a movie prop or collectible, we recommend that you browse through our Basic Series AEGs page for our full selection of field-ready guns.  You will find a wide variety of automatic electric guns on this page, including inexpensive AEGs perfect for new players.

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    Product Reviews

    By: CharlieTheUnicorn

    "this gun is extremely accurate and whips ass."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Ricky

    "Why isnt there an option to buy more shells! Should offer that"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    to the guy below me
    By: none of your buisness

    "so what? it didnt come with a piece of crap 5$ flashlight"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    good gun
    By: Wir liker

    "the gun is good but the speed loader and flashlight sucks"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Amazing, a must buy
    By: Aaron Fannin

    "I got this cause it's cheap, it should really b priced at about $60 plus shipping, buy it now b4 it goes up. This thing is amazing, actually chroned at 458 fps, usually shoots 400-450 and is super acuarate. The shells definately take time 2 get used 2 but it's worth it. They only hold 12, not 14 but still worth it. The weight gives it a realistic feel and since it's sawed off it's great 4 cqb aka close quarters battles. I recomend for any battle. The accurate range is about 500 feet. Goes about 650 not accurate. An amazing deal. The flashlight is crap "

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Great Buy
    By: Braden

    "I have this shotgun and love it. I found a piece of scrap, porcelain or something like it, on the ground and shot it with a .2 seamless biodegradable bb and it shattered. I decided to not use the flashlight and red dot it comes with and use a diamond tactical red/green dot. I have not used it in an airsoft war but only for target practice. It is extremely accurate and cheap. Buy it even if you a billionaire. Use .2 bbs. My recommendation. "

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Hunter

    "I just bought this i havent got it yet in mail are the shells reusible?"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: fruitloops

    "this gun is amazing for 20, it is almost as accurate as my 500 fps sniper but doesnt hit as hard, u can easily hit someone at 100 feet and is light and easy to use. The pump is a little weird cuz u have to bring it forward hard and the red dot is really cheap and isnt visible in the sunlight and the flashlight is pathetic, all in all its a really good gun for the money"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Sawed Off Shotgun Review
    By: Sean Ambrose

    "The gun is completely plastic, same goes for all the equipment that comes along with the gun. Each shell (4 total) can hold up to 14 per shell and will only fire 1 BB AT A TIME. The red dot and flashlight is rather pointless, when cocking the gun you NEED TO PULL ALL THE WAY DOWN AND SLAM BACK UP, and you'll hear a somewhat loud "pop" to signify your gun is cocked. The shotgun (using a 4x32 scope and using .23 gram BB's) is accurate up to about 150 feet with a fairly decent accuracy (basketball size for range of spray of bb's at 150 feet) When cocking the gun, the latch that keeps the shells pops open for me (but fixed with a little ducktape) and has 3 mounts near the end of the barrel and 1 on top. Note: Do not use .12 gram as they are not good for accuracy, only .20's or heavier. The heavier the BB, the slower the FPS but will be more accurate, the shotgun can handle .25's with ease. "

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: non believer

    "Hey charlie the Unicorn, your a fag i used a gun like this in a small war against 450fps guns and got a couple hist on them so its not that bad and the price makes it a great deal so get it air soft mega store is great."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    just pros and cons and cons and cons
    By: austin getyina

    "pros: great fps high accuracy comes with the red dot unlike stated red dot is crystal clear (just dont touch the lens) the ABS rails are almost as sturdy as the metal rails on my jg m4 cqb actually sturdier now that i think about it great for its cqb purpose cons: no sling mounts but you can put a tie sling end above the pistol grip and then its perfect all ABS the flashlight is ok but the mount is a piece of s*** a little hard to push the pump all the way foreward to cock the gun shells hold 8bbs easily band its painful to shove all 14bbs in unrealistic light weight dont get cornered with it(but its still intimidating to corner somebody else w/ it some times the shell door that holds the shell in the gun but the slide re-closes it and some times the shell holder gets in the way of the shell release"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    sucks so much
    By: gamer

    "this gun is the worst gun ever the shots stra.y the magazine are impossible to load even with the speed reloader. the only goo thing about this gun is the red dot sight and the flashlight ither then that this thing blows"

    Was this review helpful to you?

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