350 FPS WE Hi-Capa 5.1 Full Metal 1911 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol

RETAIL PRICE : $123.99
Model: M1911
Muzzle Velocity: 350 FPS
Build Material: Metal Slide; Metal Frame
Weight: 2.5 lbs
Propellant: Green Gas
Magazine Capacity: 29 rounds
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    Our take:  The WE 1911 Hi-Capa 5.1K-Tac, perhaps one of the most unique looking pistols from the WE 1911 collection, is an amazing pistol to both see and wield.  The 5.1K-Tac features a signature unique DRAGON textured front end, which is full metal and extremely intimidating.  The full metal slide and frame are designed to increase power and accuracy, while controlling recoil so that the pistol is extremely stable and accurate during shooting.  The polymer hand grip is sturdy and comfortable, resulting in a very secure grip with minimal effort.  The chamber, safety, slide stop, hammer, trigger, barrel, are also quality-manufactured from reinforced metal in order to replicate the solid, full metal feel of a real M1911.

    WE Tech has also upgraded the internals to reflect their dedication to high-performance.  They have reinforced the recoil and hammer springs, improved the structural rigidity of the firing pin, and installed a high flow valve to maximize performance and durability.  The safety is easily accessible, in typical M1911 fashion, and as always, there is a functional lower tactical metal rail for easy tactical accessory (laser, flashlight, etc) mounting.

    The culmination of all of WE Tech's knowledge of the gas blowback pistol and Caspian Arms' rock-solid durability has produced what we think is arguably one of THE MOST WELL-ROUNDED gas blowback pistol line-ups on the market.  An integrated rail on the frame of the pistol (railed frame) allows for easy laser/flashlight mounting.

    You get the best of both worlds (performance and realism), with no compromise made to quality or durability.  To put it in simpler terms, it shoots hard, it kicks hard, and yet it is still extremely accurate.  
    * Features functional safety switch
    Operation:  Gas Blowback
    Firing Modes:  Semi-automatic blowback
    Muzzle Velocity:  300-350 FPS with 0.20g BBs
    Magazine:  29-round magazine
    Body:  Full metal body, full metal slide and barrel
    Weight:  2.5 pounds

    Ammo type:  Seamless 0.20g or heavier (0.23g, 0.25g, 0.26g, 0.28g, etc) BBs.  For maximum performance and accuracy, Airsoft Megastore recommends GoldenBall ProSlick BBs which carry perfect spherical consistency and density, available at Airsoft Megastore for the lowest price on the market, guaranteed.

    Package includes:  Pistol, instruction manual, magazine

    Color:  BLACK

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    Product Reviews

    A Year Later
    By: Kuromi

    "I've had this pistol for a little over a year now and I must say it's been through hell and back. It's been dropped 4 times onto concrete, fallen into dirt, into water, and still performs extremely well. It's had parts broken off and replaced over the year: the iron sights, the right thumb safety, and the hammer, but the great thing about Marui clones are that parts are available everywhere and for cheap. Overall I am extremely impressed with the durability of this pistol and you can get it for less than a hundred dollars."

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    Great Buy
    By: Marco d.S.

    "Updated 11.14.2011: This is still a very good gun. Issues: 1) The inner barrel is a little short, could use a 1/8 inch extention. 2) The bottom rail, because of the blowback repeated action, comes loose after a period of time. The two screws holding it in place are not sufficient. (Thank you) This is a very nicely made gun. Very detailed, balanced... All around well crafted. I was very impressed with the power, more powerful that I thought. Very precise, the blowback feels good, very rapid fire. Also, when you buy a Gas blow back gun, buy an extra clip. Also if you have the funds for it, also buy an CO2 clip, so you may go to any Shooting range to practice, or @ least here in Florida all Shooting range accept CO2 Blowback guns to practice in the range. I will highly recommend this gun, and also Airsoft Megastore. I had a couple of questions and they were really helpful. Shipment went out same day and was delivered on time. Thank you very much."

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    reply to comment
    By: Kenneth Wargi

    "Yes, i have 1 already, and ordering another. my current one not working so well, but that is my fualt. It is designed well and works great. good accuracy. You get over 33 to 36 shots fired charge on the clip, more then it holds. Of course, this is using the correct Green gas for the the tempature your firing in. Only small thing i have found wrong, and not sure what is wrong yet, and what happend yet is the firing Mechanism. Located in the back half of the slide. its jamming forward and not returning. This may be lack of oiling, or defect, dont know yet. But a new one is only 20 bucks also, not bad. all the 5.1 are the same, just different outsides. ive already ordered new parts for the one i have, and will write a reveiw after i examine the problem. Still a good gun, just take care of it, and oil it properly. "

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