G-Force Nitrex Tactical Gloves w/ Rubberized Protection (LRG) - BLACK

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    Our take:  The G-Force Tactical Nitrex Full Finger Tactical gloves are exceptional protective gloves, perfect for CQB games.  The impact resistant rubberized top padding provides excellent protection, even from pointblank hits.  The G-Force Tactical Nitrex Full Finger tactical gloves are part of the amazing line up from G-Force Tactical, one of the most trusted names in Airsoft protective gear.

    Superior Protection and Tactical Versatility

    Instead of being manufactured out of low-grade synthetics or cheap leather,much like most of the rubberized protective tactical gloves that are present on the market today, the Tactical Nitrex glove is manufactured from an advanced proprietary tactical nylon fiber, allowing for superior breath-ability and unbeatable all-around protection, even from direct contact with BB rounds at high velocities.

    The Tactical Nitrex glove is made for the most serious airsoft operators and, as a result, is one of the BEST premium gloves we carry, without carrying a premium price tag of course.  It allows for superior grip on your weapon,and yet is nimble enough to reach into the tightest crevices with ease, never feeling too bulky and yet giving you the contoured protection that even a bulky glove would not be able to provide.

    Our favorite feature about these gloves is the protective impact resistant rubberized top padding, which provides excellent protection without sacrificing dexterity or breath-ability.

    Dare To Compare
    While there are many cheaper imitators on the market, gloves that are actually comparable in function and quality to the G-Force Tactical Nitrex gloves are often priced at AT LEAST $40, with MSRPs ranging into the $60+ range.  The Tactical Nitrex glove by G-Force Tactical was designed to combat the problem of high-priced gloves.  They have a firm belief in providing TOP-NOTCH quality AND value to the buyer, WITHOUT COMPROMISE.  And in the Tactical Nitrex, they have delivered just that.  G-Force Tactical is so confident in their product that they encourage all prospective buyers to compare their product.  For what it's worth, this glove has the stamp of approval from the Airsoft Megastore crew — and is one of the best gloves we carry!  It's are presentation of everything Airsoft Megastore stands for:  QUALITY AND HIGH-PERFORMANCE AT THE LOWEST PRICE, WITHOUT COMPROMISE.

    - Proprietary tactical nylon fiber material provides a contoured fit, without compromising protection
    - High-density impact resistant rubberized top padding is integrated onto this glove for protective superiority
    - Reinforced construction and stitching for field-proven durability
    - Protect your hands against extreme operating conditions, including but not limited to weather, BB-hits, and/or scuffs against hard objects (trees, walls,etc).
    - Maximize your in-game performance by eliminating distractions such as inclement weather and BB hits to the hand that may cause delayed trigger response time
    - Improve tactical dexterity as you gain the perfect grip without losing comfort
    - The VERY BEST Impact Resistant Rubberized glove on the market today!

    Size:  Large  (Fits most teens and adults; it most likely fits you if you wear a t-shirt size of adult small - adult X-Large)

    Color:  BLACK

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    Product Reviews

    Awesome Gloves
    By: SrgtChang

    "Very excited for these gloves. Imagine a typical construction/work gloves. the ones you see your mom or dad wear when doing yard work. Now, imagine them black, made of cloth (instead of the weird smelling leather), with rubber impact surfaces ontop. That is what you will get with these gloves. I got a large, but I really shouldve went with Medium since they are a bit loose around the fingers, but yet even practicing with a CQC Serpa Holster for my M92fs (the real deal, not airsoft), I was able to push the retention button and drew my firearm, with finger in trigger like I normally would without gloves. Nice gloves for the price. Highly recommend them."

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    They do the job
    By: Ranger

    "I've had these for a little over 3 months and they do a good job at protecting your hands. However they make the diameter of your fingers bigger so fitting your finger inside the trigger well (M4) requires slightly more finesse than usual. Holding the mag well also makes these gloves slightly uncomfortable. I can feel the plastic protection digging into my knuckles and it can become very irritating. Other than that I have no real complaints. They're tight to the fit and they haven't broken on me yet."

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    Eh....not the best
    By: BG

    "When you make a fist, the "impact resistant backing" should not split apart. I'm wearing the correct size too. Spend a few more bucks and get something that's a bit more well made IMO. I already did."

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