G-Force Airsoft Clear Lens High-Impact Rated Goggles w/ Visor - GREEN

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    Our take:  The G-Force Tactical Clear Lens Goggles provide excellent eye protection without interfering with visibility or comfort and are completely fog proof. The G-Force Tactical Clear Lens Goggles are constructed of high grade ABS composite plastic and features a heavy-duty high-impact protective hard-plastic lens, providing superior protection when you need it most. The full visor aides in deflecting BB's as well as providing shade, which comes in handy on bright days.

    The protective hard-plastic lens guarantees visibility and breath-ability with no fogging up — ever — even under the toughest and most strenuous combat conditions.  The heavy duty hard-plastic clear lens will sustain and STOP BBs from damaging the crucial eye region. The G-Force Tactical Clear Lens goggles are large enough to allow the user to wear eyeglasses or shooting glasses underneath.

    The G-Force Tactical Clear Lens Goggles have been developed FOR airsoft players, BY airsoft players.  They've really taken into account full eye protection (first and foremost), comfort, durability, and reliability and fused those elements into high quality, breathable, lightweight, and versatile tactical goggles that offer the best protection at a price that cannot be beat. Get the G-Force Tactical Clear Lens Goggles at Airsoft Megastore for the lowest price on the market!

    The G-Force Tactical Clear Lens Goggles can be adjusted to fit most airsoft players.  Eye protection is a must for any airsofter.  Always play responsibly and keep distance.  Not for AIRGUN protection and extremely high velocity airsoft guns.

    Color:  OD GREEN

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    By: NAsty Z

    "These Goggles Are Beast!!!!!!!!!!!"

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    By: Austin

    "At first i wanted to give this a two star rating because it was at least useable, but then i tried to wear them again and they are too low quality for even that. First off, when you put them on you are going to have the bottom foam either in you're eyes or over half you're nose with enough pressure to make it hard to breathe. there is no real way I can put them on without it making it impossible to breathe properly or see altogether. imagine having a pair of goggles designed for people with absolutely no nose, and that's what this is. you can even see it in the pictures this site has - its awkward to have on you. secondly - when you do have them on, you cant see through them (this one i might be able to chalk down to a bad egg in the batch) but the lens is scratched up completely. to make it worse it is also warped. can you imagine seeing someone out of the corner of you're eye and in the process of turning towards them, they seemed to grow twice in size due to distortion? I wish i was making this up- but i can't."

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