G-Force KING Elite Full Face Extended Mesh Face Mask w/ Visor

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    * This product is an AIRSOFT MEGASTORE exclusive!  The G-Force KING series of Ultra Elite Tactical Face Masks is available ONLY at Airsoft Megastore *

    Our take:
      The G-Force KING Ultra Elite tactical face mask with visor and extended neck protection is one of the newest and most advanced face masks to hit the airsoft market yet.  This high grade, comprehensive face, eye, and neck protection mask is crafted from high grade ABS composite and laced with heavy-duty protective mesh for the ultimate protection from stray BBs flying towards the face, eyes, and/or neck.

    The tough mesh guarantees visibility and breath-ability with no fogging up—ever—even under the toughest and most strenuous combat conditions.  The heavy duty laced mesh will sustain and STOP bbs from damaging the crucial eye region, while the high grade ABS composite will sustain and STOP bbs from damaging all other critical face and neck areas.

    The G-Force "KING" has been developed FOR airsoft players, BY airsoft players.  They've really taken into account protection (first and foremost), comfort, durability, and reliability and fused those elements into a single high quality, lightweight, and versatile face mask that offers the best protection, at a price that cannot be beat.  Other high grade comparable mask sell for up to 120% more.  Get the G-Force KING Ultra Elite tactical mesh face mask, EXCLUSIVELY at Airsoft Megastore, for less!

    Eye protection is a must for any airsofter. Always play responsibly and keep distance. Never use low quality bb's in a high velocity airsoft gun. Not for AIRGUN protection and extremely high velocity airsoft guns.

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    Product Reviews

    awesome mask
    By: Matthew Ellis

    "this is truly a good mask, no exaggeration about it. the gforce mask is seriously great at protecting from hits. for masks, i 've had them all. but you know the gforce king is truly the king. no doubt about that."

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    Good Mask
    By: Joel Eggers

    "This is an excellent mask, it is very durable and can be easily adjusted. The mesh is very sturdy and can easily stand up to any airsoft gun. Highly recommended!"

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    Q and A
    By: M Joe Martin

    "can u take off the bottom part?"

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    not bad
    By: rockydempsey

    "this mask is pretty good. it has good protection and is light weight. I have taken hits from 450fps sniper rifles and this mask and it did not even dent. the only problem is it makes it hard to use the iron sights on some guns and that is where it looses a star. "

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    NOT "WOW"
    By: Fernando Rivera

    "Dude if you get shot in the eye thats it for ur ass so u should get this seriously dude a buuunch of people have been blind from not wearing a mask"

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    mixed feelings
    By: B Johnson

    "If you must have a mesh mask, this really is the king. It's a solid mask. You will need to add a riser to your sights to be able to use them with this mask. You will feel protected and NEVER FOG UP. But, I run around alot while playing and this mask restricts airflow a little too much and hinders my heavy breathing. It also hinders your distance and low light vision more than a goggle does. FYI- Alot of fields don't allow mesh. It's a trade off. "

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    To Pricy
    By: David Speicher

    "Was suprised to see the word "Toy" with childish charcters on the lable. Not to bad though. Don't expect to see the sights of your airsoft. Because its impossible with this mask. To expensive for what you get."

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    Great protection, but......
    By: Brian

    "This mask offers great protection for the money, but the neck protector is more or less worthless in my opinion. I had to remove it because it prevents you from having full movement of your head. Also the foam padding inside is cheap. I am new to airsoft, but have played paintball for years and have owned many masks, G-force could do much better. One last thing; what is up with the cheap, super generic "Toys" bag that it comes in? "

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