G-Force KING Full Face Extended Mesh Face Mask w/ Visor - OD GREEN

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    * This product is an AIRSOFT MEGASTORE exclusive!  The G-Force KING series of Ultra Elite Tactical Face Masks is available ONLY at Airsoft Megastore *

    Our take:  The G-Force KING Ultra Elite tactical face mask with visor and extended neck protection is one of the newest and most advanced face masks to hit the airsoft market yet.  This high grade, comprehensive face, eye, and neck protection mask is crafted from high grade ABS composite and laced with heavy-duty protective mesh for the ultimate protection from stray BBs flying towards the face, eyes, and/or neck.  OD Green color is great for woodland play.

    The tough mesh guarantees visibility and breath-ability with no fogging up, ever, even under the toughest and most strenuous combat conditions.  The heavy duty laced mesh will sustain and STOP bbs from damaging the crucial eye region, while the high grade ABS composite will sustain adn STOP bbs from damaging all other critical face and neck areas.

    The G-Force "KING" has been developed FOR airsoft players, BY airsoft players.  They've really taken into account protection (first and foremost), comfort, durability, and reliability and fused those elements into a single high quality, lightweight, and versatile face mask that offers the best protection, at a price that cannot be beat.  Other high grade comparable mask sell for up to 120% more.  Get the G-Force KING Ultra Elite tactical mesh face mask, EXCLUSIVELY at Airsoft Megastore, for less!

    Eye protection is a must for any airsofter. Always play responsibly and keep distance. Never use low quality bb's in a high velocity airsoft gun. Not for AIRGUN protection and extremely high velocity airsoft guns.

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    Product Reviews

    Epic mask
    By: Nathan

    "This mask is great.......the toy bag that it comes in is wierd and creepy though:/ pros pretty easy to breath through but it can get a little hard to breath in if you run up giant steep hils like i do with my 7 pound AK great protection easy to seperate parts like the neck gaurd (it gets in the way and limits movement) all the parts are secured by plastic pins so if you really want to you could just make it into only goggles it has mesh instead of see through plaatic so it wont fog up cons i cant think of any i give this amazing product a 10 out of 10 hope this helped"

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    great mask.
    By: awesome

    "this is a great mask, even though the "TOY" wrapping it comes in makes it seem like a piece of trash at first. The neck peice prevents side-to side movement, so just take it off. Also taking off the visor will increase visibility by a little bit. It is very good quality mesh, not like the kind in a screen door. BB's wont go through the plastic or mesh, and it's really good because it doesn't fog up!!! you can look through a red-dot scope fine, but it might interfere with very low sights."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: robo

    "this mask doesn't protect the back of your head and you can see through the scope you just have to tilt your head more the same thing goes for all other masks and you can wear a hat or something for the back of your head. There are no googles underneath the mesh so they don't fog up or get scratched."

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    amazing mask
    By: TJ

    "Great face mask, perfect all over protection. Use it for all my indoor/outdoor games"

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    yes it a good mask(my english is not the best sorr
    By: Pedro

    "its a good mask no bbs will go thought the wireing on the mask"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Cathy King

    "is it just the mesh our is there googles underneath of it"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: brent

    "first of all can u see ur sight. second of all does it prtect the back of ur head. pleaseeeeeeeee answer"

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    Good Mask / goggles
    By: Captain Obvious

    "Just received this mask about a week ago. In original configuration this mask affords a lot of protection but not a lot of comfortable usage. The Mask is modular in nature, ie: it can be configured to suit your playing style to some degree. There are plastic "snap rivets" that hold the different guards in place, even "you" can disassemble this mask down to just goggles if you so desire, and re-assemble it back to original configuration in under 5 minutes. The metal wire mesh is sturdy, the plastic is tough enough and it's modular. Price should be about $5-7 lower.... but still a good deal. Im getting another one... maybe two. "

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    looks cool is it good?
    By: penguin

    "i was just wondering if this mask is good. it looks like it protects ur face and neck. if any1 reads this and might know plz answer!!!"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Dont get shot to close
    By: Mark Kucy

    "1. It covers your face and neck 2. It is just mesh, no goggles underneath 3. It does NOT cover any part of the back of your head 4. You can see down any sight, it is a very flexible, but strong and durable plastic. 5. the only time the mesh is getting bent or even broken, is if you take a gun point blank and shoot it. I bent it and it almost came apart after 12 shots point blank with my 350 fps Co2 pistol with .2 g BBs 6. With the same pistol the rest of the mask (plastic part), you will see where the BB hit but even after 150 shots at point blank in the exact same place it didn't break 7. If you are looking for a mask get this btw, the toy wrapping looks kinda weird cause it has little kids stuff printed on top but thats ok"

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    Not worth it
    By: chuck

    "This mask is great if you want full neck and face protection but has more cons than pros, CONS: -hard breathing -condensation buildup on mouth piece -unable to aim down sights -little maneuverability -restricts peripheral vision However, mesh is always a good choice as it cannot fog. Personally, i use ski goggles and the tactical head piece with built-in mouth pad"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Andrew

    "Well the mask is good, it protects your whole face in the front and is sturdy. I was dissapointed when I ordered this "mesh" one and they sent me the one with the clear plastic googles instead of the one with the mesh, so this one fogs up. cant see down the sight either, but you already knew that."

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    not so good
    By: not happy

    "I bought three of these for Xmas. We already are not using them. I have a very difficult time seeing through the mesh and they are hard to breath in. and forget about looking down your sites."

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