G-Force KING Full Face Extended Clear Face Mask w/ Visor - OD GREEN

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    * This product is an AIRSOFT MEGASTORE exclusive!  The G-Force KING series of Ultra Elite Tactical Face Masks is available ONLY at Airsoft Megastore *

    Our take:  The G-Force KING Ultra Elite tactical face mask with visor and extended neck protection is one of the newest and most advanced face masks to hit the airsoft market yet.  This high grade, comprehensive face, eye, and neck protection mask is crafted from high grade ABS composite and laced with heavy-duty protective clear hard-plastic lens for the ultimate protection from stray BBs flying towards the face, eyes, and/or neck.  OD Green color is great for woodland play.

    The tough clear ABS lens guarantees visibility and breath-ability with no fogging up,ever, even under the toughest and most strenuous combat conditions. The heavy duty lens will sustain and STOP bbs from damaging the crucial eye region, while the high grade ABS composite will sustain and STOP bbs from damaging all other critical face and neck areas.

    The G-Force "KING" has been developed FOR airsoft players, BY airsoft players.  They've really taken into account protection (first and foremost), comfort, durability, and reliability and fused those elements into a single high quality, lightweight, and versatile face mask that offers the best protection, at a price that cannot be beat. Other high grade comparable mask sell for up to 120% more.  Get the G-Force KING Ultra Elite tactical face mask, EXCLUSIVELY at Airsoft Megastore, for less!

    Eye protection is a must for any airsofter. Always play responsibly and keep distance. Not for AIRGUN protection and extremely high velocity airsoft guns.

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    Product Reviews

    By: seasoned player

    "i have had this mask since i stared airsoft over a year ago. this mask (if ur wearing camo) helps u blend in great!! people walk right by me in the woods!! its amazing. yes you cant look down and aim with it i know so i took it off. its held on by 4 snaps that r very easily tookn off carefully. so if u ever decide to sell it just snap it back on for full value. the mask holds great against high powerd guns such as ak's and snipers. i think a great buy"

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    to answer your question
    By: qwerty

    "the neck protector is removeable and can be put back on, no tools required"

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    By: RETURN5

    "this is so awesome im getting it. ohh man its not dark, its clear so u can see through it. once the VSR-10 comes in stock, im getting it and writing reviews for both. if anyone reads this, look at the VSR-10."

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    dosent last sniper rifle
    By: person

    "friend shot it with his litte less than 700fps with .2 and he bought .32 aluminum those work wonders eh shot this thing 100 ft we were on a foot ball field and the bb maded one almost broke the glass then he fired another shot and the glass broke into a bunch of shards"

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    It's OK
    By: Laxbro15

    "The overall protection is good, but if your a shorter person the neck guard is overkill but it can be taken off easily. One problem is if your using a rifle you can't look out the sights because the cheek protectors are so bulky that it hits the stock before you can look through the sights. Another problem I have somtimes is it fogs up so its hard to see so try not to breath to hard."

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    By: Tanner Cochran

    "Its cool comfy and fits, u can see and it protects. the only problems is that you cant look down."

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    Decent Mask
    By: Airsoft reviewer

    "this mask at first i thought would never fog up, but once on the field it fogged up like crazy, i recommend buying the mesh version. There is a way to prevent it from fogging though, just spit a little on the inside of the lens, rub it around, and wipe off. It 9/10 prevents fogging. And i also reccomend taking the neck protector off because it prevents alot of mobility"

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    By: Gino Costa

    "i like to know if you take off the neck protector ....can you put it back on"

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