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WG M702 Magnum Full Metal Airsoft CO2 Revolver Pistol

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Our take:  The all-new WG FULL METAL full size M702 MAGNUM Extended-Length semi-automatic CO2 revolver is by one of the very best CO2 revolvers ever created and consequently, one of the BEST CO2 airsoft pistols we've ever shot.  It's a full size, full metal heavyweight replica, and boasts the HIGHEST FPS of any airsoft revolver currently being produced.

Topping out at a whopping 380 FPS with 0.20g seamless BBs at our chrono station, this CO2 pistol is extremely powerful.  With a full metal slide and barrel, the M702 semi-automatic CO2 revolver is built like a tank.  It feels every bit as solid as it looks.  WG has been extremely careful to pay great attention to detail, as the workmanship on this line of revolvers matches that of their Japanese counterparts that cost MORE THAN DOUBLE.

WG has incorporated their well-known, patent-pending fast-load CO2 system into this revolver, for seamless cartridge changes.  The grip slides open with the push of a button, allowing for easy access to the CO2 cartridge.

A working hammer, rotating chamber, and WG's easy CO2 loading system accentuate the tremendous advantage that the M702 MAGNUM revolver holds over its competitors. With its unmistakably classic grooved revolver hand grip and a stunning finish, it just also happens to be one of the most handsome airsoft full metal revolvers on the market today.

Two rail pieces are included in the package (for easy flashlight/scope/laser/other accessory mounting), adding to the amazing value of this revolver package.  A speed loader for the shells is also included, so you can load shells faster.

Operation:  CO2 semi-automatic revolver w/ rotating chamber
Firing Modes:  Semi-automatic repeater
Build:  Full metal
Muzzle Velocity:  350-380 FPS
Magazine:  6 x 1-shot shells included; 6 round capacity (1 round per shell)
Weight:  2 pounds (extremely realistic)

Ammo type:  0.20g seamless BBs or heavier

Package includes:  Revolver, 6 shells, instruction manual, rail pieces, shell speed loader

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Product Reviews

5 WG M702 Magnum Full Metal Airsoft CO2 Revolver Pistol *****
Heck Yeah!

"Very hard hitting, very accurate, and is really intimidating! I would recommend using .25 bbs and also buying 6 more of the WG revolver shells or else the speed loader isn't much use."

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5 WG M702 Magnum Full Metal Airsoft CO2 Revolver Pistol *****
great gun

"i got this gun two weeks ago. its hard hitting and sounds powerful. the accuracy compensates for the lack of ammo but after some practice you can get pretty quick at loading manually or with a speed loader. it has a nice look and its quite intimidating compared to other pistols. the only drawback is that the handle isn't that great and it can pop off when you're changing co2. other then that great gun my friends are also ordering the same one"

Was this review helpful to you?
5 WG M702 Magnum Full Metal Airsoft CO2 Revolver Pistol *****

"all of you think it has such a low ammo capacity but u can just buy more speed loaders. the website you can find it on is hope that helped."

Was this review helpful to you?
5 WG M702 Magnum Full Metal Airsoft CO2 Revolver Pistol *****
Awesome gun!

"If you have this gun, then you know what I mean when I say you feel freekin powerful holdin this gun, Ive had mine for over a year no and have no problems with it an its still in great condition. It is a very high quality and realistic gun and I definately recommend it if the whole on haveing six shots thing doesnt bother you."

Was this review helpful to you?
5 WG M702 Magnum Full Metal Airsoft CO2 Revolver Pistol *****

"This gun is scary good. Not just awesome looking but really accurate powerful, and awesome. the box should include a jar of awesome sauce to put on other guns to even compete with this gun. Also RUSSIAN RULEIGH!!!"

Was this review helpful to you?
4 WG M702 Magnum Full Metal Airsoft CO2 Revolver Pistol *****
To Halen

"FYI, when ever megastore doesn't majorly advertise a feature, it probably isn't there. Best answer: No real wood grip. "

Was this review helpful to you?
4 WG M702 Magnum Full Metal Airsoft CO2 Revolver Pistol *****

"I bought this gun a week or so ago, and I love it so far. However, be aware that it DOES NOT have a hop up, so it's difficult to be accurate past like 50 feet. Otherwise, it is a quality piece of work."

Was this review helpful to you?
4 WG M702 Magnum Full Metal Airsoft CO2 Revolver Pistol *****
Built to last but overpowered

"This is the best airsoft gun I have ever bought. It's metal from the barrel to the frame, however the grip is plastic. It is dead on accurate even up to 60 feet away! However, I was hoping that this revolver would shoot under 400 fps, but mine was shooting well over 450 fps with half empty CO2 cartridges. I'm not sure how other people got theirs under 400 but mine certainly doesn't shoot that low."

Was this review helpful to you?
4 WG M702 Magnum Full Metal Airsoft CO2 Revolver Pistol *****
Looks Great, Lacks Power

"I recently purchased this gun, and it looks stunning. The feel is very real, and very pleasing to hold. Having said that, the power is lacking quite a bit. Using .20 bb's, the magnum wasn't able to penetrate a cardboard box. Even with .12's the bb's would just bounce off. If you want an intimidating gun, get this gun, everyone I war with cowers in fear when they hear the short and high pitch *pop* of this revolver. If you want a powerful gun with great aim, you'll want to stick with a 1911, and whoever said that it gets up to 596 fps, or even 490 fps, must have a similar gun, but it is not this one. I hope this helps out anyone who is looking to buy this gun."

Was this review helpful to you?
4 WG M702 Magnum Full Metal Airsoft CO2 Revolver Pistol *****
Great for sidearm

"This gun shoots far and is pretty accurate. I got around 350 fps with .2g bbs. The only thing I find bad about this gun is how much ammo it can hold. Only 6 shots limits you on the field. I recommend this gun if you have a rifle of some sort already."

Was this review helpful to you?
4 WG M702 Magnum Full Metal Airsoft CO2 Revolver Pistol *****

"your not being hypocritical unless you were going around asking questions in your comments by the way, he is right. If the description doesn't answer your question, then how would we be able to answer it? if you ask me, go to youtube"

Was this review helpful to you?
3 WG M702 Magnum Full Metal Airsoft CO2 Revolver Pistol *****

"Okay I don't mean to seem like a hypicrate in saying this but you people like Andy B from NA need to stop asking questions about a gun if it is answered in the description itself, learn to read and answer your own question, it would've been much easier than asking everyone else"

Was this review helpful to you?

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Everything worked great, shipping was super fast. I am very pleased and won't hesitate to order through airsoft megastore again. rob_riley, USA
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