AMA ArmorOptik AO-400 PolyCarbonate Airsoft Goggles

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    Our take:  AMA’s newly-released ArmorOptik line of ultra-grade tactical goggles represents the next generation of high impact Airsoft eye protection, blending style, high-impact PolyCarb technology, and value to deliver the mission-critical eye protection you deserve at an unbelievably affordable price.   Unlike the dime-a-dozen cheap plastic Airsoft goggles currently available on the Airsoft market, AMA?s ArmorOptik goggles are manufactured to offer a higher level of protection to the critical eye region.

    The ArmorOptik line of goggles offers the highest degree of eye protection available to Airsoft players, with performance standards developed especially for mitigating the effects of even the hardest-hitting Airsoft guns, effectively eliminating the need to shell out upwards of $100+ for unnecessary operator-grade ballistics repellant eyewear.

    There is an obvious void in the market between low cost, low grade eye protection and ridiculously high cost military style ballistics eye protection, and the ArmorOptik line addresses that void by delivering high performance at a low cost.

    ArmorOptik AO-400 Specifications:
    - The AO-400 is AMA’s best value for a pair of ArmorOptik full size eye protection goggles, they are a MUST HAVE for EVERY AIRSOFT PLAYER ... get serious about eye protection now and enjoy Airsoft safely!
    -  "Reflective smoke tinted" high-impact shatter resistant PolyCarbonate lens and an ultra high strength polymer composite frame for maximum eye protection when you need it the most
    - A specially formulated scratch resistant polymer bonded coating has been applied directly onto the lens to ensure durability
    - Advanced lens & frame design with slotted lens positioning allows for enhanced airflow
    - Distortion free advanced PolyCarb lens ensures an ultra clear line of vision to maximize tactical advantage, unlike cheap plastic goggles that only blur and muddy vision
    - Extra wide field of view with ultra ComforFit straps that are adjustable; comfortable fit even when wearing a helmet - Ultra grade Polycarbonate lens with 1.95 mm thickness rating
    - Dare to compare; AMA ArmorOptik protective eyewear is the BEST value in Airsoft eye protection, offering the best build quality, protection, and clarity when compared to other models ? the difference is in the lens, and the AMA ArmorOptik line of goggles DELIVERS

    Package includes:  AO400 goggles, care guide/instructions

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    Product Reviews

    ArmorOptik AO-400
    By: Anonymous

    "I got these goggles and they were my first ones. When i got them I put them on and they felt great. I had a war in medium heat like maybe 65 degrees and they didn't fog at all. I love these goggles."

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    great buy!!!
    By: paul foley

    "if you are needing goggles for anything, here they are. i just got mine in today along with the army acu digital tac. vest and both of the products are exclent. tha goggles are VERY clear visibility. the strap is kinda lose tho."

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    great goggles
    By: Lawton Dyer

    "These are the goggles i would recommend over ski masks because they have a lens thats almost over a mm thick! ski masks and other eye protection/gear are prone to chipping and bending. pros. Reliable/not bad price/ don't fog up with face mask/ badass looking! cons. Bad if you have a small head, elastic can over stretch if abused. "

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    By: molbagus

    "i love this. it totally fits with my ghost balaclava mask. It seems a little big. Pros: cool comfortable great protection Cons: price overall great! i recommend. "

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    Good but does fog.
    By: Wyatt


    These goggles are great for the price. BBs have hit the goggles multiple times and they barely leave a scratch (two or three hits don't affect the visibility, but after awhile, they do add up and start to affect your visibility).  After about 30 minutes to an hour (depending on how hot it is and how much your playing) they do fog up; once they start to fog up, they do not stop. I had to contently wipe them and they still kept fogging. These would be great for short skirmishes, however, in heavy game play, they are TERRIBLE.
    AMS CS:
    Hey! Thanks for the review. For longer matches, you may want to try something like the ARMOROPTIK AIRSOFT GOGGLES w. FAN. It may help prevent the fogging. 

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    well they are comfortable...
    By: Andrew

    "I got these cause a lot of reviews said that these wouldnt fog, and one even said they were in florida and they didnt fog. Well, i haven't played in a skirmish with these yet but they don't seem to resist fog that well. i live in florida and it is rather warm right now even though its getting colder, but i can go out for a short target practice session and before i'm finished i have to take the goggles off. not really impressed. they are, however, rather comfortable to have on. special note: i am known for sweating pretty easily. so, if you know you dont sweat easily and you live in less than warm climate, then these might be gold for you. but for me, they fog too easily which is why they only get 3 stars."

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    Fog Alert
    By: Boost

    "These fog up quite badly. I expected it a bit, but not this much. I'm disappointed in this product."

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