CUSTOM DBoys M4 CQB-R Full Metal GI Airsoft AEG Rifle

RETAIL PRICE : $265.99
Model: M4
Muzzle Velocity: 410 FPS
Build Material: Metal Receiver, Outer Barrel
Weight: 9.5 lbs
Battery Type: 8.4V Nunchuck
Gearbox: Version 2 (Metal)
Magazine Capacity: 300 rounds
Product Code:

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    Our take:  The DBoys M4 CQB-R with a full metal body (full metal receiver, barrel, stock bar, and pistol grip) and a full metal gearbox is a value-minded, high-performance AEG.  It is one of the best choices for an AEG because its lack of compromise between realism and power.  With a full metal body and realistic weight, as well as a full metal gearbox that shoots hard, it is one of the best deals around because of its low price tag.

    The tactical metal rail system (RIS) features durable laser-etching that numerically separates each rail from the next for precision accessory mounting/placement.  Because of a factory-installed performance tight bore barrel, the CQB-R is much more accurate than what most players will give it credit for at first glance.  With a shorter barrel for a tighter, more compact build, M4 CQBs are generally regarded as not being as accurate as their full-barreled counterparts; this generalization seems to be non-applicable to the all-new DBoys M4 CQB-R however, as the performance metal barrel has done wonders for both its power AND accuracy.

    With an ultrahigh-torque motor installed directly from the manufacturer, this airsoft rifle cranks out over 800 rounds per minute on full auto mode, and is sure to impress in the performance department.  This completely overhauled model features a reinforced full metal gearbox, which keeps its 7mm bearings but features new high-strength polymer-composite bushings for maximum performance!  The full metal barrel has also been improved for maximum shooting accuracy and power.

    Comes also with a full metal built in RIS system for easy upgrades.  With a muzzle velocity that overpowers even Tokyo Marui AEGs, this M4 CUSTOM CQB-R is ready to rock and roll.  Also features adjustable hop up, adjustable rear sights, and a rear-retractable 4-point crane stock for extra comfort.  With full Tokyo Marui parts compatibility and many other aftermarket upgrade parts compatibility, this AEG can be easily customized and upgraded.  The rail system further adds onto the upgrade potential of this gun, since you can add an almost endless amount of tactical accessories to it, including flashlights, scopes, (lasers in the picture not included) and grenade launchers.

    This fully customized FULL METAL M4 CQB-R has been loaded to the gills with add-on accessories, including:
    - Kick-down retractable sniper bipod
    - 5,000 round M4 super high capacity drum magazine
    - Premium 1x40 7-Intensity Adjustable Metal RED DOT SCOPE

    * Original 300-round high capacity magazine is also included in this package.  You will be receiving 2 magazines, 1x 300 round hi-cap, 1x 5000 round super hi-cap.

    Also comes with CQB crane stock and crane stock style battery.

    Operation:  Electric Automatic
    Body:  Full Metal Receiver, Stock Bar, Barrel, Pistol Grip, Silencer
    Firing Modes:  Semi-automatic and Full-automatic
    Muzzle Velocity:  350-410 FPS
    Magazine:  300-round high capacity (gear wind-up); 5000 round drum mag
    Gearbox:  Full metal
    Hop-up:  Adjustable
    Weight:  9.5 pounds

    Ammo type:  Seamless 0.20g or heavier (0.23g, 0.25g, 0.26g, 0.28g, etc) BBs.  For maximum performance and accuracy, Airsoft Megastore recommends GoldenBall ProSlick BBs which carry perfect spherical consistency and density, available at Airsoft Megastore for the lowest price on the market, guaranteed.

    Package includes:  Rifle, rechargeable battery, wall charger, instruction manual, 300-round high capacity magazine, 5000 round drum magazine, premium metal red dot scope, foregrip bipod.  Laser in the picture not included in this custom package.

    Battery Charger Recommendation:
      Although this fully automatic airsoft rifle comes with a standard wall charger to charge the battery, Airsoft Megastore recommends the use of a smart charger to avoid overcharging the battery(overcharged batteries may cause decreased airsoft gun performance and may shorten battery life significantly).  Smart chargers not only shorten charge time significantly (up to 800% faster charging), but more importantly,also automatically shut off once the battery is fully charged to avoid overcharged batteries.

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    Product Reviews

    yes it hurts
    By: Charles Stauffer

    "i have this gun and when you ask if it hurts when you get shot that would be yes it does"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: chris carder

    "what kind of battery can i put in it other than the stock battery i really wish they would post the battery type "

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Scott Rowan

    "this gun cranks out a high fps and rpm. it's almost full metal, and the box mag is awesome. also the sight is cool."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Dylan Styles

    "does the scope that comes with it fit to the front sight plz respond back "

    Was this review helpful to you?
    the gun
    By: nate currid

    "This gun is aswom. if your looking for a gun with fire power and qualate and for a good price then this is the gun for you."

    Was this review helpful to you?

    "What type of battery could you buy for a back up for this gun? thankyou"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Awesome, A must buy!
    By: ryanman261

    "This is still my primary after 2 years of intense competitive airsoft (all be it with my friends). It goes around 380-410fps STOCK! that is amazing compaired to other models!. the battery it comes with is a 9.6volt 1200mah nunchuck crane stock battery. now i use an 8.4 because the rof difference in nominal and the gun lasts longer. bipod is awesome. red dots great. laser sucks, its worth around 3 bucks and cand align ever. besides that a great gun."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Flippin Awesome
    By: Austin M.

    "I just got this gun and it is amazing! Its accurate, powerful, and very life like besides the orange tip of course. Pros: accurate powerful heavy(pro or con) full metal besides the grip and stock Cons: loose mag catch battery is in the stock The only bad parts are that the battery is in the stock and the wires could get stripped and that the mag catch is loose so when you go to put the mag in you have to work with it a little bit but its not a big deal if you just dont worry about it. I highly reccomend this gun package and its easily five stars. "

    Was this review helpful to you?
    NEWEST 2009 Version CUSTOM DBoys Full Metal M4 CQB
    By: Michael ghost operator black ops Nor Cal Division

    "This Aeg Rifle set up package is very nice and powerful.This set up comes with a 8.4vdc 1100 Mah. Dboys Ni-Mi Battery. Not the green one you see in the Pic. changed mine out to 9.6Vdc 1600, And found Better Rof. The Mini Type battery is housed in the Crane, 4 postion stock. I swapped out the mtr. to a Matrix Magum hi torque, Now Insane hard hit! Also I have not put mine on a Chrono yet, Its very fast and atleast shots .25 at 300 to 350 feet, Full Auto is a solid stream of bb's! DO NOT EVER SHOT .12 BB'S IN THIS RIFLE OR FATAL DAMAGE TO THIS RIFLE WILL HAPPEN!!! STAY WITHIN .20- .23 -.25- .28g. The package deal is sweet! The Version 3 gear box is tight and semi Quiet, Very High quailty. The kit came with a laser engraved outer barrel(5.56 Nato Etc.) about 6" long for the Flash Hider. The hi-cap mag is 300 count, Nice over all rifle, No trade marks of any kind, except the selector switch. It would be nice to have Trade marks. The All metal rifle is a steal! I give it AAA+++"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Great Gun
    By: Guy from Idaho

    "Just got this gun about 4 days ago and with the red dot sight, right out of the box, i had to make like to minor clicks to sight it in and now its sighted in great! And the rate of fire is also pretty good for a low MAH size battery. I reccomend this gun to anyone who is looking for a fast accurate gun."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: kathllen moore

    " to the guy above it has 350-410 FPS"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    just wondering
    By: Laura Lauro

    "does this gun hurt wen u get hit, please reply back"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: the nine inch grinch

    "hey can anybody tell me if this is a good gun or a piece of crap. i dont have that much money. should i buy it or not "

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Satisfied but a little disappointed
    By: Kyle V

    "In comparison to my friend's Classic Army, this gun could certainly hold its own. Pros: Full metal Good ROF Accurate Red dot scope is nice Foregrip/bipod is sturdy One-point sling (which it does come with) is surprisingly useful My friends say it hurts Cons: Crane stock battery is tough to get in Piece broke off of battery cover, still functions Iron sights are only ok Front iron sight seems impossible to get off For whatever reason, the box magazine that I got was beat to hell. It had obviously been used before. Also the laser sight was missing a nut that makes it useless until I find one. Finally, I recieved a note with my gun that the extra magazine offered was not available so they "upgraded" me to an $18 PLASTIC magazine for free. I'm appreciative but can't help but feel that metal to plastic is a downgrade. Overall I'm satisfied with the gun but if I were to do it again, I might just opt for the gun separately and buy accessories later. "

    Was this review helpful to you?

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