400 FPS Licensed H&K VFC Airsoft Metal HK416 CQB AEG Assault Rifle

RETAIL PRICE : $487.99
Model: HK416
Muzzle Velocity: 380 FPS
Build Material: Metal Receiver
Weight: 7.5 lbs
Overall Length: 30.7" in.
Battery Type: 8.4V Nunchuck
Gearbox: Version 2 (Metal)
Magazine Capacity: 320 rounds
Color: Black
Product Code:

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    Our take:  The fully licensed, full metal HK416 CQB from VFC with fully licensed trademarks from Hecker & Koch is perhaps one of the finest, most well-crafted Airsoft AEG rifles we carry here at Airsoft Megastore.  From its ultra-realistic presence and construction to its performance attributes, the HK416 CQB AEG rifle is truly in a class of its own.

    VFC is renowned for their high quality, high performance AEG rifles, and this HK416 is no exception.  The receiver is full metal and enhanced from the factory for a smooth, realistic finish that is as realistic as it gets.  The gearbox has been enhanced and upgraded directly from the factory for high performance shooting that does not compromise durability.  While most Airsoft guns are bound by the rule that states you have to choose between performance and reliability, the HK416 CQB Elite Airsoft AEG is one of the few, ultra-premium Airsoft rifles that bends that rule.

    This AEG was designed to be a segment leader, allowing its operator to dominate and decimate the competition, bar none; with that hefty task, VFC and H&K have gloriously succeeded in producing this world-class AEG.

    Coincidentally, this rifle is the only HK416 CQB on the market that is fully licensed with official H&K trademarks present.  Another special feature we LOVE about this rifle is the fact that despite it having a 320rd hi-cap magazine, it does NOT have a winding wheel at the bottom (for maximum realism).  The VFC engineers have figured out a way to have their cake and eat it too, so to speak, as with this mag, you no longer have to fuss with the winding wheel AND you get to hold over 300 BBs at all times.

    A retractable rear crane stock allows for versatility in adjusting the rifle length to custom-fit your liking, meanwhile providing storage for a 8.4v or 9.6v crane stock (nunchuck) battery.  An adjustable rear sight and an adjustable hop-up system guarantees shot accuracy.

    Battery and charger are NOT included.  An 8.4v nunchuck NiMH battery will get you started, or you can opt for the 9.6v mini or nunchuck NiMH battery for EXTRA rate of fire (over 1,000 rounds per minute).  A standard NiMH battery smart charger is also needed to charge your battery, so make sure to get the right charger if you do not already own one yet.  


    - Extremely realistic build
    - 320 Round Proprietary Wheel-less Hi-Cap magazine included
    - Adjustable hop-up unit
    - Adjustable rear sight
    - Full rear stock

    Operation:  Electric Automatic
    Build/Body:  Full metal receiver, full metal gearbox/internals
    Firing Modes:  Semi-automatic and Full-automatic
    Magazine:  320-round high capacity (gear wind-up)
    Gearbox:  Full metal, reinforced high-speed gears
    Battery Type:  8.4V, 9.6V NiMh Nunchuck battery, mini plug
    Barrel length:  12.2 inches
    Velocity:  400-450 FPS with 0.20 gram BBs
    Magazine Capacity:  320rd High Capacity
    Rate of Fire:  900+ RPM with 8.4v battery, 1100-1200+ RPM (w/ 9.6v battery)
    Weight:  7.5 lbs.
    Overall Length:  30.7" in.

    Ammo type:  Seamless 0.20g or heavier (0.23g, 0.25g, 0.26g, 0.28g, etc) BBs.  For maximum performance and accuracy, Airsoft Megastore recommends GoldenBall ProSlick BBs which carry perfect spherical consistency and density, available at Airsoft Megastore for the lowest price on the market, guaranteed.

    Package includes:  Rifle, hi-cap magazine (320rd), manual

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    Product Reviews

    The VFC HK 416
    By: Dan

    "This gun is absolutely amazing! Strong sturdy and all around a great gun! I play outdoors and it makes for a great field gun as well. Moving on to a topic that seems to frustrate people. This would be the magazine it comes with. It has HK licensing on it and looks great. Thing that irritates people is that it "requires a tool to wind it" this is absolutely false. On the bottom of the magazine there is a plate that sits snuggly into the bottom of the mag. This said plate can be removed and it reveals a winding wheel underneath. That being said this gun is amazing. So if you've got a little extra cash u wanna blow away then you buy this gun and you won't regret it. Unless ulyou regret the hole you just burned in your pocket then maybe this isn't for you lol."

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    Fantastic Rifle
    By: Joseph

    "I got this rifle around 6 months ago, and ever since, it has not ceased to amaze me. Of course, the price is a little high, but if you want one of the best field rifles, this is the way to go. VFC and Umarex have really got a prize-winner here. Full-metal and everything, with an 8.4v battery, the RoF is still super high! It fits some of my other standard M4 mags (not all of them though :/ ) and the magazine that it comes with is just magic! The stress I've avoiding from not having to re-wind in the middle of battle is unmeasurable. I haven't gotten to chrono it yet, but when I bought it the listing still said 380 FPS, although I believe it's much higher than that. It's so much like a real 416, I'm surprised I haven't been questioned about it. Overall love this."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    To William Griffin From Boone
    By: Joseph Nirotika

    "You are not the most intelligent. The internals are amazing. To YOU and many others, i stress this: FPS is much cheaper to increase than RPM is; ROF is also more anticipated when a high-quality gun such as this is purchased. To people who actually want to buy this, I love it! I shortened the barrel and put a holo sight on, a magpul angled foregrip, a clamped dual mag, a mock silencer and a folding stock. My CQB matches have been amazing since i got this! Extremely acurate from 100-150 feet and with a shortened barrel and 11.1v lipo battery, the RPM sky-rockets to about 1600 and the FPS averages about 390 with my installed M125 spring. My whole gun with upgraded internals and externals costed me a total of around 700$. I must say i spent my money well. The only con i have is that the mag is a little wobly but it is probably an error with my new mag or when i dissassembled it. I HIGHLY reccomend this gun to anyone who is advanced and looking to rock the fields. Happy Airsofting!"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: ruben burgos

    "got this gun made it look sexy,looks like the real 416 i have ,great gun,takes upgrades very well in my shop made it shoot now a hard 780 fps to 800 only problem was the mag was kinda hard to put in u got to push it in in a middle of a game it could mean taking a couple more seconds to realize you missed the mag to hop-up well when i didn't see no bb's come out that's when you say the magic words oh **** pros full metal real trade marks hard as a rock like a real 416 that outer seems very very durable. cons mag catch "

    Was this review helpful to you?
    perfect all around
    By: Brock

    "This gun is by far one of the best in the market. The Extremely durable full metal body is made of aluminum, not cast metal, making it solid yet light. Yes the fps is low, but most places do not allow anything over 400. Fps IS NOT everything unless its a DMR. The price is high, but you have to keep in kind this gun is made by umarex, who holds the H&K license, and is an EXACT replica of the real thing. The rof is crazy making it perfect for all styles of play. The magazine needs a key to wind it, personally this doesnt bother me, but the gun accepts almost all m4 mags. Id prefer anything besides dboy and some magpul mags. But DO NOT lose the key. You will probably not find another one easily, and without it you cant use the mag it comes with. Pros: Lightweight High rof One year warranty by h&k Durable Versatile Exact replica/realistic Decent fps Takes almost all m4 style mags Cons: Price Magazine key is easily lost."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Kevin

    "Like everyone else, we were excited to purchase the 416. The gun performed well at first two or three outings. We began to have motor height issues. The pistol grip is poorly designed with two screws on the same side and the underside has a piece that tends to pinch the wires to the motor. With so many motor height issues, we managed to grind the motor pinion and gears. Upgraded to a Lonex A2 motor, 13:1 High Speed Gears, high speed pistion and 110 spring (Spring was also broken when we disassembled). We had the gears professionally shimmed. We continue to have issues with this gun every time we use it. We personally know of 9 of these at our local field having the exact same issues as us; all of them started with not being able to keep a consistent motor height due to the poorly designed pistol grip. I would not recommend this platform."

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