Elite Force M4A1 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ 2 Magazines - BLACK

RETAIL PRICE : $146.99
Model: M4
Muzzle Velocity: 360 FPS
Build Material: Metal Receiver, Outer Barrel
Weight: 5 lbs
Overall Length: 30.25" in. / 33.5" in.
Inner Barrel: 363 mm
Battery Type: 8.4V Mini
Gearbox: Version 2 (Metal)
Magazine Capacity: 300 rounds
Product Code:

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    Our take:  The NEW Elite Force M4A1 AEG manufactured by ARES and licensed by UMAREX is an extremely realistic replica of the renowned M4A1 Carbine, that is also a high quality Airsoft gun.  This M4A1 Carbine AEG has a fully retractable stock and a removable carrying handle, which exposes a top 20mm rail with plenty of room for a variety of optics.  It also has a high performance full metal gearbox with high quality internals.  The Elite Force M4A1 Carbine AEG is perfectly designed for close quarters combat with its short barrel (which can be outfitted with a universal red laser sight) , 6-position retractable stock, and lightweight Nylon Fiber body.  With upgraded internal components, as well as a full metal reinforced gearbox, it is definitely one of the most reliable and solidly built M4A1 Carbine AEG replicas on the market!

    The Elite Force M4A1 is designed and manufactured by ARES, which is known for making high-end extremely solidly constructed airsoft guns.  The M4A1 is no exception, with an assortment of innovative features, and factory upgraded internals.  The tactical retractable stock feels sturdy and is solidly connected to the upper receiver with no excess movement.  Because of a factory-installed performance anodized aluminum inner barrel and unique one piece hop-up, the Elite Force M4A1 Carbine is much more accurate than most short barrel AEGs.  With a shorter barrel for a tighter, more compact build, CQB AEGs are generally regarded as not being as accurate as their long-barreled counterparts; this generalization seems to be non-applicable to the NEW Elite Force M4A1 Carbine AEG however, as the performance aluminum barrel and hop-up dramatically improve both its power AND accuracy.

    With a high-torque 40,000 RPM motor installed directly from the manufacturer, this airsoft rifle cranks out over 800 rounds per minute on full auto mode with a 9.6v battery! This completely overhauled model features a reinforced full metal gearbox, with 8mm metal bearings, a high-strength polymer-composite piston, and full steel gears for maximum performance!

    The Elite Force M4A1 Carbine AEG is definitely one of the most reliable, lightweight M4A1 AEGs on the market.  It has an amazing amount of high quality components that you normally wouldn't find on stock AEGs.  This AEG, would be selling for twice as much if it was branded as an ARES AEG!

    * One extra 300rd Hi-Cap Magazine is INCLUDED with the package, free of charge from the manufacturer.  This is a $20-value that is included with this rifle's package.

    NOTE:  Airsoft Megastore highly recommends using Elite Force or King Arms 0.20g seamless BBs or similar "perfect" BB's with this AEG.  Due to this AEG's precision inner barrel, standard 6mm BB's will not feed properly on full auto.

    Operation:  Electric Automatic
    Body:  Full Metal Receiver, Stock Bar, Barrel, Pistol Grip
    Firing Modes:  Semi-automatic and Full-automatic
    Muzzle Velocity:  330-360 FPS (perfect for most indoor CQB Fields!)
    Magazine:  300-round high capacity (gear wind-up)
    Gearbox:  Full metal
    Hop-up:  Adjustable
    Weight:  5.05 pounds
    Length:  33.5" (extended), 30.25" (collapsed)

    Ammo type:  Seamless 0.20g or heavier (0.23g, 0.25g, 0.26g, 0.28g, etc) BBs.  For maximum performance and accuracy, Airsoft Megastore recommends GoldenBall ProSlick BBs which carry perfect spherical consistency and density, available at Airsoft Megastore for the lowest price on the market, guaranteed.

    Package includes:  Rifle, rechargeable battery, wall charger, instruction manual, and 2 X 300-round high capacity magazines!

    Battery Charger Recommendation:  Although this fully automatic airsoft rifle comes with a standard wall charger to charge the battery, Airsoft Megastore recommends the use of a universal smart charger to avoid overcharging the battery(overcharged batteries may cause decreased airsoft gun performance and may shorten battery life significantly).  Smart chargers not only shorten charge time significantly (up to 800% faster charging), but more importantly,also automatically shut off once the battery is fully charged to avoid overcharged batteries.

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    Product Reviews

    By: Matt Germain

    "just one question whats the inner barrel length for a tightbore barrel? i wanted to get a mock silencer to extend the outerbarrel to but firs i need to know the inner barrel length"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Great gun with the right battery
    By: Steve

    "I recently purchased this gun from a CQB in my town and was told it was a very reliable gun. They use them for their rentals which says alot to me. They are going to want the most reliable gun at the best price that they can get their hands on. I was not that pleased with the wimpy rate of fire on auto or semi until I switched to a 9.6v. battery. The battery makes a world of difference with this gun and I highly recommend upgrading to a 9.6v. It will evolve from a turtle to a race horse. Otherwise it's a great gun with a lot of internal features that you see only in more expensive guns."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Good gun
    By: xbox boy 101

    "This gun is good I admit. It was my first gun. I got it from a local airsoft store and its not bad. The guy in the store told me this gun is the most reliable gun out on the market today. So I decided to get it. After about 5 months and 6000 shots the firing pin broke. The people at my local store replaced it and then the sight was off by like 2 inches. They replaced the gun AGAIN. So now I have my third elite force m4 and hopefully it won't break. This gun has terrible rounds per minute so I only use semi. The fps is pretty bad compared to the guys I play with. The range is wimpy. I couldn't hit a guy about thirty yards away because he was on a hill. The battery it came with blew out after only a couple times of using the gun. I bought a tenergy 8.4 volt, which I recommend because it makes the gun way better. This gun is good if play with low fps or if you are a starter but not me anymore. Also buy .25 gram bbs because the bbs fly off in different even though the power isn't very good so somehow this gun has a massive load of power it doesn't use. If I had the chance as a starting player, I'd buy it."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Pretty Good Gun
    By: TATD-119

    "This is definately a good gun to use. It has a great gearbox and internals. It fires smoothly an has a little kick in it. But if your gonna get it, replace the element piston with a SHS 15 Steel Tooth Piston because the element will break after 4 to 6 games. Overall its a good gun but replace the piston."

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    Read this!
    By: Ian


    The gun shoots around 380-400 fps. It is not 360 or 345 fps. One shot of mine the piston pulled the spring all the way back and i got 415 fps. If you want lower fps, the quick change spring system is very useful. Oh and make sure you do not use bad bbs. I think it has a tight bore barrel.

    AMS CS:
    We are very happy to hear that you are enjoying your rifle! If your item is shooting above the FPS listed on this item and you want to lower the FPS try our M100 GRADE SPRING FOR AEGs. Also, you are spot on about the BBs. Check out our .20g GOLDENBALL SEAMLESS AIRSOFT BBs.


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