CYMA M5 / T3 Low Profile 20mm Top Rail Scope Mount C45

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    Our take:  This CYMA factory original top mount for M5 and T3 rifles is universally compatible with most metal gearbox M5 / T3 rifles.  With this mount installed, you can easily mount optics/scopes onto your rifle, which otherwise would not be able to handle a scope/optic.

    Low profile design ensures that the scope stays close to the top rail, allowing for aiming accuracy.

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    Product Reviews

    By: A sniper in a ghille suit

    "This fit on my gun, it came with screws-fyi-and Im a sniper with an idea to get an accurate automatic gun with a bipod. But the cheap gun i found doesent have a scope, so I bought this! It helped me mount my scope."

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    Just Commenting
    By: Hobos R Cool

    "Listen, I know my guns, a real scope mount for a g3 or any other delayed roller blowback gun is called a 4-bottom high rise eagle claw, where this is just a low profile gripping or friction claw for the high upper reciever. And whoever the dunce is who asked if it could fit on a springfield m14 must have had a bad acid trip or something."

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    serves it's purpose
    By: Nathan

    "Definitely does what it's supposed to. Works for mp5 & g3 variant airsoft guns. This design is a little shorter than the one which is included with the t3-sas varients, but is long enough to mount red dot optics. I haven't tried any magnified scopes with it, but i don't forsee any problems doing that. I have heard that some people have issues with the shell ejection port not closing after they adjust their hop-ups... you're tightenng it down too far! It just needs to be firmly attached so it doesn't have any movement... don't crank it down super tight. The only issue i have is that it's too short to mount a lens protector in front of my red/green dot, but i have a rather large optic, so no points off for that. I'm just giving it 4 stars because it's shorter than the one included with t3 mc51, & t3 sas varients."

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    Good Rail
    By: T-bird

    "Very solid rail. Pretty short so dont hope to put too big of a scope on it. I don't know why you would put one on an m5 anyway. Glad it came with all the hardware for mounting. Fits my sight great."

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    Good low profile optic mount
    By: Peyton Henderson

    "of course it fits the mp5a4, it says m5 doesnt it, and it doesnt say m14 either does it. It is a good optic mount for any m5. is very sturdy on my gun."

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    By: william

    "will this fit on the cyma m5-a4 "

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    no screws
    By: dan buchan

    "it came with no screws but ifound some and mounted it on my g3 and it can have a 4x32 scope on it"

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