G-Force OpSpec Dual 2-Point Bungee Sling [DT204B] - BLACK

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    Our take:  G-Force line ofOpSpec tactical slings are engineered and manufactured with militaryOperator Specifications in mind, bringing Airsoft players thefunctional design and ruggedness of military style weapon retentionsystems without the extravagant costs associated with obtaining one. A sensational value, these are the newest and hottest weaponretention systems to hit the market.  To maximize your tacticaladvantage out on the field and reduce fatigue from constantlyshouldering your weapon, a bungee sling is a MUST HAVE for EVERYAirsoft player.

    Dare to compare...

    G-Force OpSpectactical slings are built to a higher standard than most othertactical slings on the market, and are priced aggressively to notonly improve tactical efficiency once set up with your weapon, butprovide you tremendous value in the process.

    -High grade tactical weapon retention system constructed of durabletubular nylon and high density elastic bungee material
    -UltraForge strengthened metal weapon hooks for rugged day in/day outreliability
    - Reinforced double stitching at overlappingconjunction points and LP triple stitching at critical conjunctionpoints for high quality build and feel
    - 1.5" high densitywebbing for maximum durability
    - Adjustable length for perfectweapon/operator fitment & compatibility

    Bungee SlingTactical Advantages:
    - Ultra fast target acquisition: Once youdial in the optimum sling position for you and your weapon, you canreap the benefits of lightning-quick engagement from various shootingpositions,
    - Ease of use and adjustable straps allow for users toquickly find the optimum sling and weapon position
    - High densityelastic bungee allows for the weapon to be milliseconds away frombeing "at rest" to being "engagement ready"

    Color: BLACK

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    Product Reviews

    A Good Buy!
    By: Cascade Miles

    "This is a very durable sling. Reduces the strain from the weight of the gun. A recommended sling over the cheap and flimsy slings that come with some airsoft guns. I currently use it with my AUG, which I am happy to have purchased both from AMS."

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    By: AirsoftOhio

    "gets the job done like its supposed to. nice quality too..."

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    Good quality
    By: Derek Choi

    "I have bought this sling and noticed immediately that the sling mounts are metal and will not fall or break off your gun. And since the sling is a bungee type it will carry weight without putting too much strain on the carrier. However, the sling mounts did not fit my gun (JG G3) and i am dissapointed. All in All i would say this is a sling worth buying."

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