DBoys Airsoft Metal M4 & M16 70rd Standard AEG Magazine

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    Our take:  This standard capacity M4 / M16 airsoft magazine with metallic shell holds up to 70 rounds.  Each of these airsoft M4 / M16 magazines are manufactured under the highest quality standards by DBoys.  Compatible with Echo 1, JG, ICS, DBoys, G&G, Classic Army and Tokyo Marui M4/M16 AEGs.  This standard capacity magazine is perfect for tactical training and/or airsoft games that do not allow hi-cap airsoft magazines.

    - 70-round capacity for ultimate realism
    - High precision feeding
    - Does not require winding
    - Requires speedloader/BB loading tube to load

    Color:  BLACK

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    Product Reviews

    By: Lil,Q

    "worked great for my king arms m4 metal and polymer. it only hold 50 BBS though. But all in all this is pretty great of a 7$ mag"

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    JG M4 S-System Enhanced 2013
    By: Ken

    "This mag is ok. It is metal (obviously). It has a hard time fitting into my M4 mag pouches. For my gun, JG M4 S-System Enhanced 2013, it looks like you would angle the mag to fit into the gun, but actually you don't at all. Just put it straight up. I'm definitely gonna have to agree that it holds no where near 70rds, about 50 is accurate. Don't get the high cap version of this cause it sucks and feeds terribly. Overall, not bad, 7.5/10."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    JG M4 S-System
    By: Jake

    "A good, quality mag. Only problem ive had so far is actually putting it into the gun. Sometimes it gives you a hard time, especially if you dont have it at exactly the right angle. Otherwise, great mag."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: hi

    "these mags r fine but mine only held like 50 bb's not 70 so its more like a low cap. but they feed great "

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    M4 Mag Review

    "Pros: Fits any M4/M16/F2000 Metal outer container Feeds awesome Get more than one Cons: You will have to modify this mag to fit in some M4/M16/F2000 How to Fix: First i took out my swiss army and got the file tool. At the top and around the edges make them smooth. Then have some Scotch Masken tape around the top and lower body where the mag release is. Then you should be good."

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    Mag review
    By: Jeff

    "This is a good mag. its durable and feeds perfect the only reason i gave it 4 stars was because it doesnt hold 70. more like a max of 55 or close to that."

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    M4\M16 mag
    By: Bryce Hartranft

    "Not the best mag but it works its kinda cheaply made, the bb pusher thing pops out a bit to far. i do like the mag tho. pros nice look lightweight more realistic then high caps. cons cheaply made. its black witch kinda sucks cuz real m4s have gray mags. "

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    M4 Mag
    By: DouglasH

    "Pros: Fairly Cheap, No winding it up, made of metal, Cons: Need a speedloader to load it, has trouble staying all the way in my JG M4, holds around 50 BBs (unlike the advertised 70)."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Jacob

    "I have a JG full metal M4A1, and I bought ten of these mags, they seem to be rather low quality although they do have a metal shell, but they don’t stay in the gun, they fall out as soon as you start to shoot, then again if you don’t have a JG full metal M4 then they might be alright because of their cost, but you get what you pay for."

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