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    Huge 600-Round AK47/74 high capacity magazine - universal fit on all AK47 AEGs that support hi-caps.Compatible with DBoys, Echo 1, JG, CA, TM, ICS, CYMA AK47 AEGs.Good quality and finish.

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    Product Reviews

    Great Mag!!!
    By: ryan

    "This magazine is awesome!!! its full metal really durable very few plastic parts(only the winding wheel and trap door) fits perfect in my d boys ak74 the only thing i thought was bad was that it takes a while to wind it fully but it came with a butterfly tool thing to wind it faster and its way easier Pros: metal durable cheap$ high capacity 600+ bbs winding tool included Cons: very few plastic parts(but durable)not a major con its just my opinion awesome would recommend this mag to every one who owns an ak74 or ak47 ps. just because im from New Mexico doesn't mean im a dumb mexican and that u cant trust me!!"

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    It works
    By: Obama

    "It works for DE.I bought the mag and it goes in perfectly."

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    No double feeds
    By: Charlie Freeman

    "This mag if metal accept the little top strip of plastic and fits my dboys/kalash ak74un works like a charm if u wanna spray"

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    All you need to know.
    By: Eric

    "These magazines are mostly metal except for the top strip of plastic which is still pretty firm. They have a loading chamber so you can pour in the BB's. There is a winding wheel at the bottom. They have a nice black finish to them looks good they do not have a quick winding Alan Key hole. These mags will fit almost all AK-47 models and and some AK-74u models. This magazine is great and for a very cheep price. "

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    Great Mag
    By: Dan

    "This is a great mag for a good price. I bought this mag in spring of 2009 and again in December 2010. The first mag I recieved was awesome. The bottom piece was loose but I fixed it up with a piece of duct tape and it has worked great. I use the butterfly winder or tool that came with it all the time. I drilled a hole in the tool and tied it to my gun with some fishing line so I didn't loose it. It works with the Crosman Pulse R-76 and the DE ak47. The second time I bought this magazine It has different packaging and didn't come with a winder tool. It still fits in a Pulse R76 and DE ak47 but it is a tighter fit. The manufacturer is CYMA. Neither mag have ever skipped or jammed. It is still a good magazine for the price."

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    for da fools
    By: Mr. T

    "works in all ak47's idk about 74s"

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    Answers to Questions
    By: Nick

    "This is a wonderful magazine. Nice and cheap AND it's metal. I noticed some people wanted to know what this thing is compatible with. This magazine is compatible for almost ANY Cyma, JG, DBoys, OR KALASH AK. Could be an AK-47 OR an AK-74. The one that comes with the Kalash AK-74 is plastic, looks kinda stupid and only holds 460 rounds. This mag is a DEFINITE buy."

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    better than stock
    By: Jet

    "I bought the 430 FPS V3 KALASH DBoys AK-74M Full Metal AEG Rifle AK-47 BLACK SLR AK47 and the mag that it came with was okay, but this mag is metal and has a higher cap (600) feeds well, looks nice, good quality, overall great buy!"

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    I was lucky
    By: Chris Stevenson

    "I thought at first that my gun was a jg but as this item was shipping to my house i had realized that it was a double eagle and i thought that it wasn't gonna fit but turns out this mag is suitable for the ak47 by double eagle"

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    By: airsofter

    "i have waited a while for this mag and its great. ignore the bad reviws if you have a ak47 or 74 get this. i have a cybergun spetsnaz ak74 and this fits perfectly it wobbles just a little but its metal and feeds great! cant wait to use it in a war!!! "

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    great mag
    By: zack peterman

    "its a great mag put it on my ak47 and my friends thougth i had a real ak47 its very durable and looks real and works great i would recomend this mag to anyone "

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    By: person

    "awsome widing mag will fit any ak 47 or 74 hold about 570 really but is great shoots alot of arounds great and and just great if you want to spray"

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    good mag
    By: ben

    "good mag for a cheap price. got two, both work just fine."

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    Awesome, If you keep track.
    By: Ryan B

    "I got 2 of these in an AK starter pack. It is mostly metal, very durable and able to hold a whole bunch of BB's. My only complaint is it is difficult to wind if you lose the key it comes with. The key winds it way faster but if you misplace it then winding off the bottom is kind of tedious. Dont lose it! Otherwise this mag is awesome!"

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    be carefull buying this mag
    By: Daniel Locklear

    "tho the mag is full metal and all i do not know if you might get this issue but when i get this mag most of the inside was covered with rust i sand inside of the mag for at least 1-2 hours to get most of it off but besides that the mag is soild as a rock and feeds just fine in my echo 1 aks-74u cpm that is really about the only reason i am given it 3 stars"

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    Description Wrong
    By: Gabe VanDruff

    "It is a great mag for the price but it doesnt fit AK-74 like it says in the description. It fits but not tight enough to the gun for the BBs to feed."

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