DBoys Airsoft AK-74 AEG 460rd High Capacity Magazine - Black

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    460-Round AK74 high capacity magazine - universal fit on all DBoys/Kalash AK74 airsoft metal gearbox AEGs, including the AK-74UN, AK-74S, AK-74M, AK-74U, and AK-74SU (RK-01, RK-02, RK-03, RK-05, RK-06, RK-12, etc). Fitment also universal on all VFC and Marui AK74 metal gearbox AEGs (that support hi-caps). Flat black for clean, taut appearance.

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    Product Reviews

    Ok build quality, durable and feeds well
    By: Michael

    "These mags work just as well as any others. I never get jams with these mags in my dboys aks74u, but one out of four has broken externally. As I was running the mag bumped my knee pretty hard and the plastic piece that clips into the mag release snapped off. If you play recklessly you still probably wouldn't break one of these mags as I did. Other than that small tab being slightly fragile, the rest of the mag is great. It clips in place nice and snug and feeds well. I would highly recommend as the price is spot on."

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    By: someone

    "this is not meatal but its good"

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    Preet Good
    By: Hunter

    "this is a good magazine for your ak 47. the only problem with mine was a springy type thing inside the mag popped out. all you have to do if push it back into the gear."

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    Good for its price
    By: Noah Fernando

    "These are pretty good mags. They are all plastic but durable. Fits well inside my CYMA AK-74S."

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    By: ray

    "theyre ok not great but its average they will make noise anything will go with a higher capacity i have 3 1000 and 3 600 its nice they always make noise just go with a small mag no ectra just 50 or somethen for stealth it wont shake"

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    Cheepy . . .
    By: Person Guy

    "Cheepy but nice finish, fits well in dboys rk-02. Has Russian Izhevsk arsenal marking like on my Mosin Nagant M91/30"

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    Mag is okay
    By: Trevor Cowley

    "I got the dboys kalash ak74m, and the mag is not that great. For one, it does not last very long on automatic, and you constantly have to rewind it every 2 seconds. And two, the gear on the bottom unwinds when you put it in, making you have to wind the gears. It is okay, the plastic is pretty durable, and everything, but it is just okay."

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    Pretty much crap
    By: Curt

    "I got this exact magazine with my Kalashinkov Dboys Ak. It was broken, just a cheap magazine, would not recommend to anyone"

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