CYMA 150rd Thermold Waffle Mid Capacity AK47 Airsoft AEG Magazine

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    Our take: For those who own an AK47, and are looking for a mid-cap magazine, we've got just the mag.  The all-new CYMA 150-round AK47 metal mid-cap features universal fitment on all metal gearbox AK47 AEGs.Compatible with CYMA, JG, Echo 1, Classic Army, ICS, G&G and TM AK47 AEGs.

    The thermal molded "WAFFLE" design is an especially great match for those who own black AK47 AEGs that had a waffle mag come standard with the gun, including the JG AK47 Tactical RIS series, the Echo 1 AK47 Tactical RIS series, among many others.

    Great for games/skirmishes that do not allow the use of hi-cap magazines, or if you simply don't feel like winding a hi-cap.

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    Product Reviews

    Solid, reliable
    By: Max Pelz

    "Bought 2 of these for my TM ak47 beta, they work great, feed really well and are sturdy. Great buy for an Ak user that doesn't like hi caps."

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    Great Mid-Cap For The Money
    By: William

    "These mags are great for the money. They feed well and are very sturdy. I dropped one from about a few feet on concrete and all it did was scratch the mag up a bit. My only problem with these mags is that they tend to miss-feed sometimes. You just need to keep using them to break-in the spring and there will be no feeding problems. Other than that, great purchase for great magazines."

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    Solid but sometimes jams
    By: Mason

    "I use these for my CM028C AK and they work well. They're built solid and are easy to take apart and put back together even though they're plastic. Sometimes the bb's jam if you accidentally feed one or two many into the mag with a speed loader, but a quick slap on your leg or with your hand they straighten out."

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    Read Before Buying!
    By: AK Lover

    "As all mid caps do, this one requires lubing of the mag and then filling it up (decompressing the spring) and then venting the bb's out again, and repeating. This "breaks in" the spring and lets you fill up the maximum amount of bb's. Before lubing I could fir exactly 60 bb's afterwards 130. The mags feed very well but if you fill it up too much the bb's can double stack. Luckily and I'm not kidding a quick slap to the mag can fix this problem. Plastic mags but very durable, I've slapped them out of my AK plenty of times. Great buy."

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    Gets the job done.
    By: Joseph Woo

    "Fits my CYMA CM031 AK. Made of plastic, the seams are pretty big. Very easy to take apart. Just push out the little pin on the side. "

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    Great build, but a major downside.
    By: Clay

    "I bought 2 of these mags for my JG, they fit perfectly, they're sturdy, and they don't scratch easily. Heres the problem: they double stack (bbs go sideways with eachother) quite a bit and it prevents you from shooting your full mag without having to take it out mid battle to straiten them out. If you have this problem and are looking for help, then after each time you load new bbs in, listen for a slight rattling, if there is, then straiten them out until the noise is gone."

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    CYMA AK mags
    By: Scott Sturdy

    "tried these in a game today and had marginal results. they worked fine some times but other times BB's would get double stacked and jammed in the mag. Luckily AK comes with a metal ram rod so you can ram it down the mag to straighten them out. Probably won't buy these again."

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