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BattleAxe 1200rd Auto-Winding High Capacity AK Airsoft AEG Magazine

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    Our take: This BattleAxe Dual AK electric-winding magazine is one of the most realistic looking Airsoft AK magazines on the market and holds over 1,200rds! The Battle Axe Dual Ultra Hi Cap Electric Winding Magazine is a huge advance in magazine technology, lowering the cost of the highly-coveted electric powered, electric winding AK 1,200rd high capacity mag to a point where many more players are able to enjoy it without breaking the bank.

    Just a few years ago, even a bulky electric hi-cap could easily run you over $120.  A rechargeable battery is included with the dual mag, and comes complete with charger so you never have to hassle with swapping out AA or AAA batteries.  Another great feature with this magazine is that it includes the standard winding wheel, just in case your batteries die mid-game. The BattleAxe Dual Electric-Winding AK Hi-Cap magazine is constructed from high quality metal and ABS plastic, ensuring that it is both lightweight and durable.

    This magazine is perfect for support gunners, who need large amounts of ammo but don't want an overly cumbersome loadout. This magazine is a fraction of the size and weight of an electric drum magazine, and holds nearly the same amount of ammo! The magazine holds up to 1,200 BBs comfortably, and features a button on the rear of the magazine that controls the electric winding of the magazine.  The incredibly fast electric winding feature of this Dual Electric Hi Cap is perfect for support gunners, and is sure to give you a tactical advantage out on the field.

    NOTE:  Unlike LMG box/ drum magazines, the BattleAxe Electric Magazine does not feature a sound activated electric winding motor, or a continuous winding feature.  The electric magazine winding button must be depressed for the magazine to fully wind.

    Rechargeable battery & charger are included in the package.

    DISCLAIMER: The ammunition pictured in the magazines is fake and cannot be altered to be fired. The rounds are plastic and are only meant to be aesthetic enhancements. Refer to your local and state regulations before using this magazine with your Airsoft AEG.

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    Product Reviews

    Gets the job done well
    By: Skylar M

    "Excellent hi-cap mag; fits my Pulse R76 well, though not perfectly. No firing issues, though. Feed spring can hold a lot of BBs before you have to wind it again. Electric winding is much faster than winding by hand, though if the battery runs down, you can hand-wind it as well, which I think is great. As noted by another reviewer, this comes with no instructions, which is the only real drawback. I recommend about 2-4 hrs to charge the battery. Sliding the fake bullets backwards will reveal the battery compartment; sliding the top off the other end of that clip reveals the BB hopper. From there, just add BBs and push the tiny button about midway down the backside of the clip with the fake bullets to wind the magazine."

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    The "secret" revealed! Read on!
    By: Anthony J

    "First and foremost, KUDOS to reviewer "Skylar M" in 2010 for revealing the great "secret" of this auto-winding AK47 clip! To explain: The auto-winder comes with no written instructions whatsoever! You are left to figure it out and when mine arrived, the only piece that seemed to move was in the opposite end of one of the dual clips that has the 2 fake bullets but when I opened that slide-off top, I was convinced I had a defective auto-winder because while the battery pack could neatly fit in there, there was no separate wire to 'connect' the battery pack! Then, through pure luck and researching the auto-winder on the internet, I came across the review of Skylar M and the "secret" that those two fake bullets themselves are slide-off moveable and, ahhhh, THAT is where the battery pack goes [after you slide-off the fake bullets!] and where the battery pack connector wires are located! As I say, with no instructions of any kind, you're on your own to figure it out, find it by chance or hopefully read about it from a savvy reviewer [Skylar M] who thankfully mentioned it in his review! So too, the 4.8 battery pack has no markings whatsoever as to its milliamps per hour [mAh] rating and, of course, nothing in the way of how long to charge the battery! As you know, over-charging a battery pack of any kind can 'greatly' weaken it prematurely. Generally, you take the milliamps per hour [mAh] of the battery pack and DIVIDE that by the charger amperage but when you don't know the milliamp per hour rating of the battery pack, that could be a problem! On the other hand, most of those included battery packs 'generally' run about 1100 to 1200 milliamps per hour rating [although I just ordered a "back-up" 4.8 volt NiMH battery pack with a rating of 2000 mA], so, if you assume that the included battery pack is perhaps 1100 mAh and you 'know' the wall charger [which 'is' marked] is rated at 250mA, you should charge the battery pack no longer than 4 hours at the max! As for the space on the other end of the clip that has the fake bullets, the only thing I can think of is that this is an area to store additional 6mm BB's since there is no connection between the joined clips and only one of the clips actually holds the 6mm BB's that are to be fired. If I'm wrong on that, please comment! One good thing too -- if the battery pack fails and basically runs out of juice, you can 'manually' wind the wheel at the bottom of the clip with your fingers to keep going until you have a chance to re-charge the battery pack. WHY no written instructions whatsoever is not included with this AK47 auto-winder escapes me completely! Ditto the battery pack with no voltage nor mA markings/ratings whatsoever! Go figure!"

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    will it fit a cyma ak47 050a?
    By: Peggy Tyner

    "its a great mag espicially since i hate winding every 20 or 30 shots but does it fit a ak47 cyma 050a and was wonderin would it fit or if i would have to get another one and if so where could i find it"

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    By: Parker

    "At first i couldn't figure out how it worked because it doesn't come with a manual. then i figured it out u have to slide out the fake bullets to put in the battery but it doesn't tell me how long to charge it for so i am just going to charge it for 12 hours. I'm not going to email airsoftmegastore and ask because it takes them at least 4 days to answer back"

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