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    Our take:  This is a revolutionary new product from JG, made to resolve the issue of low magazine capacity on your standard, run of the mill stock P90/E90 airsoft AEG rifles. This brand new box magazine adapter from JG allows you to take the guess work out of CQB play with your P90 ... gone are the days when you had to take a guess-timate at how many rounds were left in your 70rd P90 mag.

    This box magazine adapter is surprisingly sleek, and keeps out of your way to make your P90 a compact and highly versatile airsoft AEG, with the exception being you have over 1600 ROUNDS at your disposal!

    Installation couldn't be simpler. Just insert the entire magazine down into your mag well, just like a normal P90 magazine, load the BBs from the hopper (which will feed into your 300rd M4/M16 hi-cap magazine's BB reservoir), wind the hi-cap gear, then shoot!   This magazine adapter requires a M4/M16 hi-cap mag to work.

    PLEASE NOTE: You must open the top hatch on the M4/M16 magazine PRIOR to loading it into your box mag in order for the BBs to fall from the hopper into your M4/M16 magazine's BB reservoir.

    Compatible with Echo 1, JG, KS, AGM, Tokyo Marui and CA P90 full metal gearbox AEGs. Good quality, fit and finish.

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    I love it though I found it a tad noisy
    By: Allan

    "I love this unit! Only things I'll mention are things I found little to no information on: A) It *will* fit virtually any AEG P90 but if you have a King Arms P90 Tactical or Tactical Ultra grade you will need to either slightly notch the edge of the hopper that faces the receiver to slide it past the upper rail *or* detach the receiver then slide on the box mag followed by the receiver afterward. B) When loaded with BBs the hopper becomes a full on maraca and rattles quite loudly as it gets shaken when you are running around a field for a game. What I did was carefully cut out pieces of felt and, using lightly brushed on wood glue, attached them to the exposed areas of the inside of the hopper. When done properly this will reduce sound of the shaking BBs by about 90%. And C) Full size M4 mags work and are often shown being used with this unit but a high-cap "shorty" mag works just as well and improves the overall look and feel of the unit (I recommend the APS 150rd U-Mag High Cap Magazine on this site) Over-all: Love. This. Thing. So. Much!!!!!"

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    By: Dennarb

    "I absolutly love this, but if you are going to get this or even if you already have this i would suggest getting a battle axe 1000rd auto winding m4 mag. This will turn the p90 box mag into an auto winding box mag, and will increase the capacity to almost 2500rd. This is an excellent choice over mid or high cap mags."

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    very good
    By: me

    "pros: metal "arm" sturdy construction gives you a place to put a huge battery where the normal mag used to be cons: needs to be modified to fit midcaps Overall worth buying if you have a p90"

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