JG 450rd M4 / M16 Airsoft Extended High Capacity Magazine

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    Our take:  For those looking for a bit of an upper hand in the field for their M4 or M16 metal gearbox AEG rifle, we've got the perfect solution.  The all-new JG 450-round extended M4/M16 high capacity magazine comes from the factory with a 50% increase in BB capacity.

    Compatible with metal gearbox M4 and M16 AEGs from AGM, Classic Army, DBoys, Echo 1 and JG.  OEM manufactured by JG, this metallic magazine features durable construction, and an excellent-quality finish. 

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    Product Reviews

    Excellent Choice
    By: Danarchy

    "I purchased five of these over a year ago and have used them at skirmishes or ops on an almost weekly basis. My son and I have used these with various M4s (Ares, TM, JG, G&G), DE 416, G&G FN2000 and the PTS Masada without problem. The outer shell is high quality metal and have yet to see one crack or break. On the internals, I have not yet been forced to take one apart to fix an internal problem or jam. The only issue - and I don't blame the magazines - it that I jammed one into a KWA M4 and it apparently pinched the mag, as it now does not seat tightly in my Ares M4. For the person who commented on the JG - these were a tight fit, but they fit. Before you spend much, much more on the 600 round Surefire "fat mag" replicas; consider buying a couple of these 450 to 500 round mags. "

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    Reply to Joshua
    By: A Person

    "This mag Should fit the acr masada, i have the masada and it says it will fit with any m4 mag, i'm going to buy this mag for my masada"

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    By: Braden Brown

    "Does this mag fit the G&G raider?"

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    it also fits
    By: Daniel Rose

    "this High Cap Mag also fits the SCAR-FNH Replica from G&G DDDanny"

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    Hey Braden!
    By: will

    "A good way for you to find mags for your gun it to go to the web page that it's selled on (on this website) and look in the extra mags section and it will give you a selection of mags that will fit your gun. Hope this helped you."

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    doesn't fit the JG M4
    By: Riley Karlowsky

    "Hey I just got this yesterday and I got this for a extra clip and I was going to us it and it turns out that the clip doesn't fit so if your going to get this mag make sure that you don't have a JG M4"

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    By: Infantry Obsession

    "I got 2 of these for my JG M4 S-system. They were a tight fit from the beginning, and got progressively worse. The first one broke when I lent it to a friend during a war who has an AMS SRC Stryke M4. He had to jam it in, and when he pulled it out, only the outer shell came. All the internals stayed in the mag well, and we had to wrestle it out. The second one broke in the middle of a war. It simply stopped feeding. Coincidentally, this was right when my 1911 ran out of C02. Another problem with these are the winding gears move inward after a few uses. Trying to wind them with my bare hand was hard enough, and near impossible with gloves on. Overall a bad buy. (And don't be under the impression that all JG Mags are bad. The 300 rounders work perfectly)"

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    By: Randy

    "Junk. Used about 3 times and it started to jam. Opened it up and 3 teeth were missing from the feed gear."

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