SRC 2500rd M4 / M16 Auto-Wind Drum Mag - For DBoys Echo1 CYMA and TM

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    Our take:  The SRC motorized 2500rd drum magazine for M4 / M16 metal gearbox AEG rifles is a high quality automatic-winding drum magazine that is designed to maximize the ammunition available at your immediate disposal.  While mid-cap mags hold about 100-130 rounds and hi-cap mags hold about 300-400 rounds for the M4 / M16 rifle variant, this motorized drum mag holds 2500 rounds of BBs for a virtually endless supply of BBs being fed to your M4 / M16 rifle via pressure switch.

    The only caveat would be to not fire your rifle on full auto for more than 7-10 seconds at a time, due to the tremendous wear and tear that could build within your gearbox.

    This motorized drum mag is compatible with most-all metal gearbox M4 / M16 AEG rifles.  It is quality manufactured by SRC and runs on 4 'AAA' batteries (not included).

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    Product Reviews

    realy good
    By: Manoli

    "i bought this the otherday and i used it last weekend it was pretty good, it fits in the g&g combat machine no complaints whatsoever, you literally dont reload. i wouldnt recomend going full auto, the magazine can handle it but most guns wont be able to. and believe it or not it also fits into those sports authority airsoft shotguns."

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    By: Sean

    "Works well, doesn't miss feed, but the feed is extremely small. It's about half of a regular m4 mag, and in order to wind it you half to press down on a button attached to a cable sticking out of the left drum. Pouring bbs into it very annoying. Weighs like 2lbs. Works great. I love it so far."

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    C MAG
    By: marc graziano

    "This is a great mag. Holds the written capacity looks great in the gun. FOR THOSE WHO WONDER:::THIS FITS G n' G M4's. WORKS GREAT IN MINE. Good mag highly recommended."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Justin Meador

    "ok ive been waiting over a month for this thing to come back in stock so does anyone know when it will? bc i really want to get this thing for my M16"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Chris

    "Does this mag fit AGM M16's?"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Does it work with a king arms m4
    By: Shane Champion

    "Does this mag work with a king arms m4 i know it says most-all but mine might be in the not part so someone plz help me out here"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Connor

    "if you have a m4 or m16 and the top of your mag is flat this mag WILL work. depending on the brand of the gun it could be a little wobbly but no big deal. if the top of your mag looks like a step of a stair then it will not work."

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    Good, but not Perfect
    By: ...

    "So I bought this for my DBoys Scar. When I tried to put the mag in, it just fell off. But when I used a little more force the mag fit. The mag holds a lot of rounds, and is good for fighting all day. PROS: Large carrying capacity Auto-wind works well CONS: Needs to be forced in A piece in the ammo chamber fell off and some BB's are stuck in the mag The pressure switch fell off and needs to be replaced Overall, good buy, but needs to be treated with care"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Ummmm.... That guy down the street

    "Does this work for g & g and also when the flying baritto brother is this going to be in stock"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    when will it come back in stock
    By: usnavy

    "i bought a gun 1 month ago found this mag for so i bought the gun first but now im waiting for ever for this mag to come in"

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    Respond? Anyone?
    By: Cory

    "Will this fit a classic army m15 sportline"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Mitchell Rhodes

    "will this work with G&G GR15 M4?"

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