WE Airsoft CO2 Blowback 5.1 Hi-Capa / 1911 Pistol Magazine

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    WE Tech Factory Original 29-Round 1911 magazine for all "double-stack" WE 1911 / Hi-Capa blowback pistols (gas models ALSO work with this CO2 magazine).  Durable metal construction with reinforced feed nozzle.

    Compatible with WE High Capa 1911, ACP, 5.1, Dragon, Government 1911.

    Great for those looking to enhance the power and performance of their current gas-powered WE 1911 Hi-Capa pistol, as CO2 produces a bit more power when compared to gas.

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    Product Reviews

    great magazine
    By: Hunter

    "this magazine is amazing, from what i have done to it, it has held up quit nicely and i would also recommend buying in bulk. the only thing you need to watch out for is shipping. one of my magazines hand a broken tip upon arrival so i would recommend getting shipping insurance before buying, other then that this magazine is a must buy if you live in climates that green gas would otherwise not work as well"

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    to the guy named matt
    By: josh

    "my brother had to show me this but if you look on the bottom of the cover for the magazine you will see a hole in it and that is what you are suppose to use it for is to screw it in"

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    Yes they work.
    By: M40

    " YES, this works with pretty much ALL 'Hi-capa' gas blowback guns. All of them are after all knockoffs of the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa, so most accessories and parts are interchangeable. If you have a question about what works, call or email them. Stop using the review sections to ask stupid questions (many of which are answered in the description). "

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    By: T-dog

    "does anyone know if this mag works with the COLT Airsoft Full Metal Licensed 1911 MKIV CO2 Blowback Pistol Hi-Capa Semi-Automatic - LICENSED/TRADEMARKED on this site?? "

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    By: this guy

    "i actuall havent bought it but i have a gun that uses it and i really like it but it gets hard to get the mag filled with bbs because you have to be really careful and after you shoot the last round in the co2 the mag gets really cold (i know thats not avoidable) to be honest i really like the mag design"

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    I like the hi capa but...
    By: Matt

    "I have a problem screwing I'm the cap at the bottom. When I insert the co2 I have to get a pair of channel locks to tighten it enough to release the gas. And I dropped it ONCE and the top part of the mag that holds the bbs broke off, other then that awesome clip"

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    It Works
    By: Scott

    "The magazine works great for my 7.1 Hi Capa Dragon Pistol. The only problem I had was getting a tight enough seal with the metal closer so my Co2 didn't leak. I normally have to use a pair of pliers to loosen and tighten the screw-bottom. However, it works for me and adds to the thrill of my gaming experience."

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    By: Jonathon Paxson

    "Although this would give you the advantage of having CO2 which lasts longer than green gas and shoots faster it almost definitely WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY. Now if you don't care about possibly damaging your gun where it will not be under warranty then go for it. If you do use the CO2 then I would at least still put a few magazines of green gas through for every 5 mags you use at the minimum. Green gas adds lubricant as you fire it and CO2 will not do that so if you know how to do all this then your good to go and probably didn't need to read my review to know this anyways."

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    By: Logan

    "This mag is terrible it leaks co2. The only good thing is that it fits into the gun. DO NOT BUY THIS MAG SAVE YOUR MONEY!"

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