WellFire MK96 Bolt Action AWP Sniper Rifle w/ Scope and Bipod - OD

RETAIL PRICE : $168.99
Muzzle Velocity: 520 FPS
Build Material: Metal Barrel, Polymer Stock
Weight: 10 lbs
Magazine Capacity: 25 rounds
Color: OD Green
Product Code:

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    Our take:  This is the NEWEST full metal bolt action sniper to hit the market.  Widely regarded as the HARDEST SHOOTING bolt action sniper on the market, this new WellFire AWP MK96 bolt action sniper rifle WITH FULL TACTICAL PACKAGE (only from Airsoft Megastore) is one of the nicest bolt actions on the market for under $300.  It is extremely heavy with a one-piece full metal barrel.  Also comes with RIS mount, where you can easily mount a tactical flashlight, laser, or other accessory (laser shown in photos NOT included).  The body is nicely finished and most importantly, it shoots extremely hard and extremely accurately at over 500 FPS!
    This particular package also comes with the metal adjustable sniper bipod along with the premium 3-9x40 adjustable zoom hunting scope.  The scope improves accuracy, especially for long distance targets, markedly while the bipod makes the sniper feel and look the way a real sniper is supposed to look!
    With adjustable hop up and an extremely long barrel, power and accuracy are ensured.  This unique edition of the WellFire MK96 comes in an OD Green color scheme.  The OD compliments the black barrel perfectly, and makes for one of the best-looking OD bolt actions currently on the market.

    Operation:  Bolt Action
    Firing Modes:  Bolt Action single shot
    Muzzle Velocity:  460-520 FPS
    Magazine:  25-round magazine
    Hop-up:  Adjustable
    Rifle Weight:  10 pounds

    Ammo type:  0.2gram seamless BBs, 0.25gram seamless BBs, 0.30gram seamless BBs

    Package includes:  Rifle, instruction manual, magazine, BBs, Allen wrench, SCOPE, BIPOD

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    Product Reviews

    An Awesome Out-Of-The-Box Sniper
    By: JRVCH

    "I looked everywhere for the best deal because this was my first sniper. I searched for every quality aspect I could think of and I found this: Powerful, can spew 0.43 high-grade bb's 70ft with a 3inch grouping. Material, tough ABS plastic for stock, rubber for butt-pad, METAL EVERYTHING ELSE. Thumbhole stock provides comfort and steady aiming. The scope & bipod (NOT WOBBLY) w/ it are full metal, flawless, reasonably adjustable. Trigger is big and has a middle suppression safety also. Bolt is big & easy to handle, easier to pull after about 100 shots. Ten Pounds, good heft. 3 sided weaver rail, detachable from stock, it is slightly wobbly because it locks in on a cylinder, but it helps to aim when you are using a bipod, and it is sturdy metal. I scoured 6 retailer sites and I found this one to be the BEST out of all of them. This is a piece of plastic-flinging hardware that you don't want to miss!"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: master p

    "gun is spanking. boosts my mojo while holding it. need a lil help with the hop up tho. word to the motha"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    L96 Rifle
    By: Rambo

    "Honestly, I took this rifle to field test it or my friend and it worked amazingly well. He didn't have it sighted in so I had to do that too. It shot at 490-500 through the chrono and the only things that were slight bothers to me were the weight and the fact that the bipod fell out multiple times. All in al, it has earned the Rambo Stamp of Approval."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Nick

    "i bought this gun with a DT 6-24x40 Illuminating Rifle Scope and after assembling it and making a few adjustments to the scope i was splitting dandelions with it.......... *I HIGHLY* reccomend you buying a different scope with this gun because the 3-9x40 is honestly kinda garbage i also suggest that you do not use the sling that comes with the gun because this gun is a good 11.5 lbs after all this gun is absolutely amazing"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Best sniper found.
    By: Gavin H

    "I got the sniper and a gel target for Christmas and after about 20 BB's, they had gone through the gel, foam, and plastic of the target. Kind of heavy , but if you take off the bipod it is kind of easy to steady while standing or sitting. Very good recommended for a new or old player to airsoft."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: YO MAMA

    "the gun is great easy to cock and really strong "

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: logan

    "this is a very good gun fps is good but is not 500 fps its about 475 to 480 witch is very good bipod suck i would buy a better one and i would buy extra mags and a better sling but is a very good sniper and shoots very hard "

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Madison Letourneau

    "This gun is great! Pros: shoots great quite great fps Con: heavy (10lbs)"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Love this rifle
    By: mark newsome

    "It is very accurate. With the spring upgrade, I push .30's at 462+ fps. Have had some amazing kills at over 120ft. "

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Sargent Dario

    "this a great gun for beginers and experts. the building is simple the socpe needs to be zeroed slightly, tight 1in grouping of shots, nice rocking bipod for comfort, comfortable but stock, bolt, and duel stage trigger this gun is great in feild and in creature control big and small. i have one wars with this because it high around 500fps and its quietness recomended for any looking for an afordible with more money pring sniper rifle "

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Chris Vejsada

    "I love this gun. it completely destroys from 15 ft feet away and longer. i Highly recommend it with a side arm pistol and a ghillie suit"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Randy Neuwirth

    "Even though it says that its slower fps on the box it acually goes what they said online. This gun is boss. It shoots almost perfectly strait and from abour 20 yards away went all the way through a pop bottle. The only thing that sucks about it is trying to load it. They give you a speed loader with this weird extention and you got to force it on then you normally would and then put kinda hard to get the bbs to go in but besides that this gun is boss!!!"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    excellent gun
    By: hello

    " this gun is amazing i love it. it was my first gun and now i win all the sniper wars me and my freinds have i advise this gun to everyone"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    GREAT GUN!!!!

    "this is a great gun. this is the best gun for this price. if you want to spend 400$ on a 560 fps gas sniper be my guest, but making a mistake. with this gun im picking headshots from 200 feet. also i HIGHLY RECOMEND USING 0.28 BULLETS FOR COMPLETE ACCURACY."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: SehWoolston

    "This is an amazing sniper. it works effectivly at 150 feet and has great fps. fyi, the bipod should move to allow for ajusting your shot. it is really quiet and makes very little sound when cocking. one of my friends didn't follow the "bang" rule when he was to close to me and just kept running. so i shot him from 45 ft and made him bleed through his jeans! Ouch! for anyone looking for a sniper i recomend getting this gun because it comes with a bipod, scope, and the grip is amazing."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Beast of a gun!!!
    By: Anonymous

    "WOW!!! Thats all I got to say is WOW!! This gun is the best sniper I ever got. This gun is one you won't regret!"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: .......

    "good fps with 0.23 or 0.20 and accurate but with 0.12 they shoot further but not as accurate it has a great scope "

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Mike Albo

    "Got my gun yesterday,went together easy shoots strait out of the box,still need to get the scope dialed in.Can't wait to get it out on the battle field.Oh and its super quiet to....."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    To the guy below me
    By: Cole Sossamon

    "I've had this gun for two years and have experienced no problems at all. When I calibrated it I new it was going to be amazing. It maxes out at 225ft accurately with .30 gram and is very quite. Pros Distance Build Accuracy Cons Heavy (almost 10lbs)"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    gun fun
    By: Stephen Frazier

    "This is an amazing gun with great starting power. Its starting power, however, is only 480 with .20 bbs. This gun is accurate and puts a fear in people like no other gun. To top it all off, it just looks amazing."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    best gun yet
    By: camren Kelley

    "this gun is the best. i just got it and Iove it. it is varry strong and hits hard."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Chris chappell

    "By far the best gun i own its ahmazing and im the top shot out their this thing is a tank i love it 5stars all day"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Fps Variations
    By: helpful airsofter

    "airsoft megastore's chrono is correct, the company has to put a fps on the box that meets the regulations of japan. For instance the fps on the box for my AGM L96 is 350 with .25g bbs, but many people with the gun (including me) chronoed the gun at about 415+ with .25 bbs. The box has to fit Japans airsoft regulations otherwise it would be illegal."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    520 FPS WellFire MK96 Full Metal Bolt Action AWP
    By: Ray Murphy

    "I love this gun!!! i dont think theres any other gun that compares to this. It's all around fantastic. It's accurate, shoots hard, very reliable, and just like a real miltary sniper is supposed to be!!! I borrowed this gun from my frined for a war and i loved it!!! thanks to this gun i won the tournament!!! Im looking forward to my purchasing of this gun. I hoped this helped other airsoft members."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    pdf return
    By: Stefan Lemak

    "first off the gun is fantastic, I've easily shot people accurately at 175-200 feet, but it's power is still not full. I would recommend bb's no lighter than .25 or it won't really be accurate. only problem is that I have not been able to access the pdf on how to return the full fps to my gun. If anyone who has already done it could post a how-to that would be great. Thanks, and overall it's a great gun! totally worth the buy, it's gotten me numerous kills even when my sniper spot has been compromised and it becomes more of a firefight. "

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Vtech636

    "This is my first Airsoft gun so i'm not sure how it compares to the rest but so far its damn good. Shoots very well although I have not been able to get a good feeling yet since i have no place to zero in the scope (I just got the gun today and its kinda windy outside....), but i'm getting about an orange size grouping at about 70 Ft when the wind dies down. only complaint so far is the mag size (but its a sniper right??) I'd definitely suggest getting more mags if you get this gun. Also as a side note, they really do send you a razor lol. I guess we can now shave while waiting for our target to appear"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Just got it
    By: Harry Detlef Schmickler

    "I just got it today. Its awesome but im disappointed that it didnt come with the screws and the bipod wont go down either :("

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: kelly grossman

    "when i play i use this with my tan m1a1 this is a leathal combination when i play my friends crap there pants when this hits them"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Great Gun
    By: Nick Williams

    "OK so I'm actually gonna write a real review unlike most of the other retarded people on here, first of all the bipod is not wobbly, if u look at a real sniper bipod it does move so its not a rigid stand, just more of a rest, the little movement it gives is needed for moving without picking up the gun everytime you want to aim a different direction, i get pretty good grouping from about 150ft, as everybody should know airsoft bb's will not fly as straight as a bullet every time, its a long gun too. overall its a great gun and anybody should buy it if they have the money to do so"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: from

    "This gun is great and shoots far the only problem is the part that holds the bi pod is very shaky and does not hold on well overall its good"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Pretty Good
    By: Sam McElvain

    "It is pretty accurate once your adjust the scope and the scope is nice. It only comes with one mag. The only thing i dislike is that it does NOT shoo 520 with .12's. maybe 450. and the .20's go like 400... maybe. other than that. Its a good gun."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Gavin

    "EDIT: After adjusting the hop up and running around 200 rounds through it, it is deadly acurate and extremely powerful a must buy for any sniper beginner or expert! Barrly shoots 400 FPS with .20g BBs can't even hit a pop can from 10 feet away and if you do, it barely leaves a dent. Also it can't shoot over 75 feet. A total waste of money "

    Was this review helpful to you?
    great gun
    By: micah

    "I just got this gun today and I love it so far. I still have to adjust the hop up on it though. As soon as I got it I opened it up and removed the little screw that reduces the fps. It is actually very easy. What you do is take the barrel without the body and there is a very small screw on the bottom of the barrel at the end. You unscrew that then twist the barrel until it comes off, then you just get something to unscrew the fps reducer. Hope this helps."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Decent gun
    By: Dan McConnell

    "I received this gun and I'm a little skeptical about it. the scope is pretty sweet and the bi-pod is nice. My problem is that there is NO WAY that this thing shoots ANYWHERE close to 520 FPS. I was having a little bit of trouble getting my BB's to clear 100 ft. I think it may have been the hop-up, which leads to another issue. The hop-up is a pain to adjust in the first place, and on top of that, it doesn't even specify which way to turn it to turn it up or down. I just sighted it in in my back yard, it seems to shoot pretty well now, I just don't like how low the FPS feels. I'm using .25's. If there is something else that I should be using, please, somebody, let me know."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: RJ Murphy

    "first off this gun is great... secondly, it says that it shoots at 520 fps..... well it doesnt... it says ON THE BOX 410-430 fps! all in all this is a good sniper and if you are looking for one get it."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    good gun
    By: greg

    "this is a really accurate and powerful gun. i have two questions though.i have tried to take off the fps reducer but i dont know what it looks like or where it is"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    gun Strap
    By: Eli Ford

    "Do not use the strap that comes with the gun it breaks easily. But all in all this gun i very nice and i recimend it for all levels."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Read this if you want to buy this gun
    By: snipeman 360

    "i have had quite a few airsoft guns and im telling you all this gun has to shoot faster and farther than what anyone is telling you because i bought a jg m4 carnine with 420 fps with o.2g bbs and it shot a target from a little over 100 yards away with it i didnt hit it exactly where i wanted to but it would still be a kill in an airsoft war so im bet this gun can shoot someone from at least 150 yards away and i do know someone with an l96 and yes the bipod is garbage and i am planing on buying this gun because my old sniper is garbage "

    Was this review helpful to you?
    airsoft sniper
    By: tyler hamilton

    "ehhh this gun was powerful okay accuracy and the hop up sucked i rlly dont recomend this gun for the price but you can buy it if u want dont know if it was just my gun... i also sent it back"

    Was this review helpful to you?

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