WellFire MB10D Bolt Action Sniper Rifle w/ 3-9x40 Scope and Bipod

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    Our take:  The NEW Wellfire MB10D Sporter is an amazing ergonomic, and comfortable Sniper Rifle. Shooting at 450-500 FPS right out of the box, this Sniper Rifle PACKAGE has everything you need to dominate on the field as a sniper. This amazingly priced PACKAGE includes the fast and accurate NEW Wellfire MB10D Sporter, a 3-9x40mm scope w/ mounts, and a bipod!

    The Wellfire MB10D Sporter features a full metal fluted outer barrel as well as a one piece precision inner barrel. The ergonomics of this sniper rifle are great with a contoured cheek pad, fully adjustable butt stock pad, hollowed stock, and a fully adjustable bi-pod. The stock is made from high quality ABS plastic, adding to the overall sturdy feel of the rifle, however its hollowed design keeps the weight to a minimum. The rifle weighs approximately 6 pounds,  which is distributed towards the front and center of the rifle maintaining an accurate balance. What sets this sniper rifle apart from the others is its hollowed out stock, making it an ease to carry. This feature is extremely useful for transporting it around the field for long games.

    The Wellfire MB10D Sporter is one of the fastest shooting sniper rifles priced under $200.00, shooting consistently at or above 450 FPS. The MB10D Sporter also has great range and accuracy, easily making six inch groupings at 150 feet.Another great feature with this sniper rifle is the ease it takes to pull back the spring powered bolt. The WellFire MB10D Sporter features a fully functional safety mechanism by the charging bolt handle.  Also included is a Weaver mount, at the front of the rifle, for adding the Bi-pod or additional attachments such as flashlights and lasers. The scope included in the package is a 3-9 x 40mm scope which has great eye relief and an incredibly wide field of view. The scope is also adjustable for windage and elevation.

    Overall this ALL NEW Wellfire MB10D Sporter Sniper Rifle PACKAGE delivers a high FPS sniper platform with high quality components for an amazing price!  With adjustable hop up and an extremely long barrel, power and accuracy are ensured.
    Operation:  Bolt Action
    Firing Modes:  Bolt Action single shot
    Muzzle Velocity: 450-500 FPS
    Magazine: 21-round magazine
    Hop-up:  Adjustable
    Length (Extended): 115cm
    Weight:  6 pounds

    Ammo type:  0.2gram seamless BBs, 0.25gram seamless BBs, 0.30gram seamless BBs

    Package includes:  Rifle, instruction manual, magazine, BBs, Allen wrench, 3-9x40 SCOPE (w/ Mounts), BI-POD, Jamming Rod, and Speedloader

    WellFire MB10D Bolt Action Sniper Rifle w/ 3-9x40 Scope and Bipod Categories:

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    Product Reviews

    To the other guy.
    By: Steve Spencer

    "This gun is amazing! It is totally worth the buy!! 8.78 pounds with accessories?! My grandma would have no trouble with carrying that around! Come on man, if your gonna write a review write a REAL review! Here's my take on the gun. Nice feel and nice weight. Yes, it is long but it is extremely accurate! Must buy for any beginning sniper!"

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    Great rifle.
    By: The Hermit Crab

    "I received this rifle from a friend and it works great. the bolt is a little stiff though but other than that works very well. PROS: high fps, very accurate at long range, good feel. CONS: Stiff bolt, very long, high price, and cheaper quality plastic."

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    sniper rifle
    By: Ezekiel

    "Great gun! Has very good accuracy. Had a problem with letting the BB shoot but although great gun."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Jason

    "I got this gun about 5 days ago, I got an all around feel to it, and it is pretty cool. The chrono I maxed out at about 513 fps with .20 bbs. I use .30 bbs though, and I also chronoed that but around 420 - 435 fps. This is a okay buy. PROS: Shoots Hard Shoots Far CONS: If you don't put screws in tight barrel falls off and won't fix If you don't put the bolt in the slide lock camber all the way, gun will jam, bad If you bang on something, it is cheap plastic and will break I weighed it at 8.78 pounds with accesories Very long, gun covers wont fit Any bbs not purchased from this site will jam on the first shot .12 will jam .32 will jam .40 will jam "

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