TSD Airsoft Full Face Protection Tactical Mesh Face Mask - BLACK

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    Our take:  The TSD Tactical mesh face mask is a valuable piece of face and eye protection for any airsoft player. Crafted from high quality shatter-proof silicone plastic with a perforated aluminum eye shield.

    This is a basic mask, and protects against shots up to 400 FPS.  We do not recommend the use of this mask in scenarios/conditions in which the mask may be subject to higher-powered shots.

    Eye protection is a must for any airsoft player. Always play responsibly and keep distance.

    Size:  One size fits most

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    Product Reviews

    By: Master W

    "This is an awsome face mask. it fits perfectly and comfortably to ur face. it aslo lets you aim down your sites perfectly. with paintball masks you cant aim down the sites but this is basicaly just another layer of skin. the mesh is completeley strong i shot full auto at it from point blank with 400 fps not a mark. you can see very easily in the dark even though it shades it a little bit darker. it is overall the perfect mask and did i mention the price!!!!!!!!! "

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    Pretty Good
    By: Guy

    "This mask held up for a good 2 days. The goggles and bottom mask are held by 4 plastic things, and they come out easily, also the bottom mask is made out of cheap plastic. I have not shot the mask to test its strength. Its a really good fit for me. The barrier of the mesh and goggles broke and sometimes the mesh comes out, but is good enough for 4 stars I think. I also am not annoyed by these things."

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    Not the greatest
    By: Trevor

    "After I used this about 2 times I noticed that the things that hold the mask together are made poorly. The mask itself is made poorly. It falls apart easy and is very cheap. In my opinion buy a paintball mask. Pro's: - It has eye protection - Looks cool Con's: - Crafted poorly - Breaks/ Falls apart very easily - It doesn't really protect lower than your eyes, It just covers it, And getting shot there still hurts - And much more! Overall: It is not worth the money! "

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    By: Josh Medrano

    "I totally agree with the review that said, "This mask is not worth the money!" The goggles on this mask fell off after a few days of playing in the field. The only cool thing I can say about this mask is that while I was watching Batman Begins (awesome movie), I noticed that in the final scene, when they are gassing part of Gotham, Liam Neeson is wearing the bottom part of this mask! Go ahead, see for yourself!"

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    By: Kyle wooodward

    "my friend has this mask and we went airsofting last week and the owner wouldn't let him use it could the BBS might go right through the mesh , PS this is at an actual field..... overalls it looks good does not fog and is comfortable. so idk ur taking a chance maybe "

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    Cheaper on airsplat.com
    By: Ben Derr

    "i was gonna buy this, but their out of stock so i checked airsplat.com and found it was $6.00 cheaper and IN STOCK. "

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    By: Chris

    "The meatl on the mask was bent when I got mine so I fixed it and it was fine. The mask is ready to fallapart and I just got it 1 hour a go."

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