JG 18000 RPM Long Type Airsoft Version 2 Gearbox Neo Magnet AEG Motor

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Note:  Professional installation is recommended.


- 18000 RPM
- High torque neo magnet design
- No assembly required
- Compatible with most version 2 gearboxes

Package includes:  Long type AEG motor

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Product Reviews

JG Ultra High Torque
By: Zach

"I bought this as a cheap upgrade to help increase the trigger response on my CA Scar-L and it did just that. This motor has extreme amounts of torque and the magnets in this thing are incredibly strong (strong enough to pick up a hammer). The ROF has gone down quite a bit compared to what it used to be, but it doesn't bother me much. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a cheap upgrade to your gun. PROs: Lots of Torque Great trigger response strong pinion gear holds up well CONS: Slow ROF noisy"

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JG Blue
By: erik

"This was my first upgrade to my g&g combat machine m4 (a rifle with an already acceptation rof). I got one off a friend for 20 bucks, and if I had known how great it was then, I would have paid twice the price they are asking here. It really makes your trigger response snappy, and my rof really did go up maybe 3 or 4 rps. If you are going for a high speed setup, I would highly recommend this motor with some 13:1 gears and a good shim job."

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Great Upgrade
By: Sam

"I used this motor for an upgrade on my DBOYS SCAR-L and right away I was impressed. It now has a better trigger response, ROF and the whole gun just sounds and feels smoother. I highly recommend this to any one looking for an AEG motor upgrade."

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Blue motor
By: Jonathan

"These come stock with the JG SR25 and are by for one of the best motor out there for this price. Mine is pulling a 150 spring using this motor with the stock 8.4v battery def a great upgrade to most and gun"

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JG Golden Eagle Motor
By: STAT Airsoft

"For anyone considering this motor as a less expensive AEG upgrade, you will not be disappointed. I use it in conjunction with my G&G V2 gearbox and M120 spring. The bearings are very good. The magnets are exquisite, and the pinion gear is solid. In my four and a half years of playing airsoft, I must say, it has well exceeded my expectations. To my surprise, it has even out lasted my ICS Turbo 3000 motor. It also has a very good balance between torque-which is used to pull tighter springs, and speed-used to spin your gears faster. On a good 9.6v, I can get about 16-20 rps @ 380-400 fps. On my 8.4v, I get round 12-15 rps. If you do consider this motor, a good 9.6v battery will be your best option, for it will not die as fast as an 8.4v."

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very good buy
By: michelle johnson

"this is a very good motor. in my opinion it is better than $45 motor on that other site. the magnets are very strong, and suppost to last forever, which leads to a good motor. i currently have it pulling a m140 spring with a firerate of about 750-800 rpm, that is on an 8.4v battery"

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