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Intellect Micro Controlled Universal Smart Charger w/ Intelli-IC2 Chip

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    Our take:  For any premium airsoft AEG, a smart charger is a must-have.  This Intellect Micro Controlled Universal Ultra Fast-Charging Smart Charger with Intelli-IC2 chip is definitely the way to go for those who need their batteries charged in a flash, with no compromise made to battery charge efficiency and quality.

    This is one of the fastest charging universal smart chargers on the market, featuring selectable charging speeds of 1Amp/2Amps/3Amps per hour.  On the fastest charge setting, your typical 8.4v 1400 mah mini battery will take ONLY 28 MINUTES to fully charge, as opposed to 4-5 hours with a standard wall charger!  This premium Intellect Ultra Fast Charging Battery Smart Charger is a must-have charger for your AEGs, to protect and preserve battery life.  For the price, it is unbeatable in value, outperforming chargers that cost up to THREE times as much.

    Compatible with 7.2V - 12V NiCD and/or NiMH battery packs; adjustable charging rate (1.00A or 2.00A or 3.00A using the selector switch on the charger).  For mini and large type batteries (come with all battery connectors and cables).Good quality and finish.

    - Rated output voltage: 17.8V - 0.2V
    - Output voltage: 7 V DC ~ 18.5V DC
    - Battery capacity extend:     0.8Ah ~ 15Ah (1A current)
    - 1.6Ah ~ 30Ah (2A current)
    - 2.4Ah ~ 45Ah (3A current)
    - Number of cells: 6-10 NiMH/NiCD cells in series
    - Charge current: 3A ? 0.2A / 2A ? 0.1A / 1A ? 0.1A
    - Max. delivered power: 54W
    - Rated AC input: 100~240VAC 50/60Hz
    - Input voltage: 90~264VAC
    - Rated input current: 0.55Arms (220VAC input and full load)
    - Max. input power: 68W

    What's included:
    - Charger unit and all cables
    - 1 standard Tamiya Female connector
    - Alligator clips (red + black)
    - Temperature sensor (NTC) cable

    - The charger is designed for indoor use only -- don't leave the charger unattended during charging
    - The Charger should be positioned horizontally and work in well ventilated condition, avoid water and keep away from flammable explosive goods.
    - Don't cover the charger when charging, ambient temperature shall not be more than 40oC
    - Don't touch the plug.
    - Don't leave the batteries and chargers on wood surface or carpet.
    - Cut off the power supply before connect or disconnect the charger with batteries.
    - Don't try to disassemble the charger -- you risk the danger of high voltage currents inside

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    Product Reviews

    By: Airsoft lova

    "this is the best charger it is a must buy.. it charges batteries in less than an hour buy this"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Tanner

    "Great charger. Very fast and i always leave my battery on the charger so no problem with that. On the the label is says what it can charge im not sure about LiPO"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    charger best buy
    By: jose alvarez

    "i got this smart charger from airsoftmega to charge my new battery i got also from them a 9.6v 4500mah it charged it so fast it will blow your mind the battery was new so it took 1hr.15min. .now if your looking for a good charger for a low price !!!! look no more this is the one you can't go wrong."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    u gota get this battery
    By: Michael Tancreti

    "the tittle of this charger is no lie. this ultra fast charger does indeed charge the battery supper fast . like a normal batter that takes eight hours would only take an hour or less to charge its awsome "

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: alex

    "ULTRA, ULTRA, ULTRA FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    good charger
    By: steven parker

    "yea it takes like 30-40 min to charge a 9.4 it is fast and a nice charger. the on thing i dont like is that the two red and black things that go in your car bater well you cant take them off so you have to wrap it in something like tape so they dont spark if they touch. but other then that its the best charger i have ever had!"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Great Charger
    By: Kyle James

    "Bought this charger about 6 months ago and I am very satisfied. It has different settings to help set your charge for your battery. Make sure you read the directions when receiving the package. What's great about this charger is it has a discharge setting. If some of you don't know what that is, it's a setting that places your battery power to 0%. Some batteries when over charged will damage the batteries and it will only max out to about 85% power. So what this does is restores the power by discharging it. Anyways, great charger. It comes with small and large connectors and connectors that charge onto the car. Haven't used the car charger yet but I hear it's not for the car. So be careful of that detail. "

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Babysit it
    By: Jake

    "It works fine with our batteries but our friend put his battery on there and it melted it within 10 minutes. It was smoking and everything. If you get this make sure you babysit it, you never know what will happen."

    Was this review helpful to you?

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