Police Army PASGT Riot Gear Tactical Helmet for Airsoft - Black

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    Our take:  This is a high quality Replica PASGT Police/Army/Riot Helmet in Black and is both rugged and durable, made to take punishment in any game of airsoft, where it will protect you from tons of direct BB-hits.  Made of high quality ABS plastic and weighing in at about 1.5 pounds (750g), it is extremely comfortable and protects the entire head/skull.

    Fully adjustable with positionable chip strap and comfort pads.  For the price, it can't be beat.  Highly versatile and extremely useful in the field, this helmet provides a good view of the field without compromising protection from BBs.

    Color:  BLACK

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    Product Reviews

    Very Nice
    By: Paul Jenkins

    "This helmet is very good. It feels durable and strong. I put a NVG mount on it for a future GoPro i'm getting. I have 3 helmet covers for it they fit nice..i got them off ebay. If you would like to see this helmet check out my youtube page: paulie675. I will make a review video soon. Also like the kid beneath me i have a big head (7 1/4) and the smallest setting fits me very well....would not recommend for people have a smaller head then mine unless your going to buy a new chinstrap and stuff or wear a hat under it. "

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    me likey
    By: Happy guy

    "this helmet is great, its comfortable and it looks BA combined with a balaclava and goggles. i would recommend this for the outstanding price it has! "

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    Good Helmet
    By: Jacob

    "This helmet works really well. The inside straps are all adjustable so you can get the most comfortable fit possible. The plastic is strong and won't break easily. However you will want to get a helmet cover of some sort because the black plastic gets really hot in the sun. This is also difficult because it can be hard to find a cover that fits this style of helmet. Overall its a good helmet at great price."

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    It's nice
    By: Austin Lara

    "I love this helmet it feels nice( as a matter of fact Im actually wearing it right no)Its not like other that give you headace but im still yet wondering if it can with stand a 400ft/s air rifle"

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    Very Nice
    By: Daniel Feldkanp

    "This helmet is by far the best helmet i own for the price. I have a big head so when i tried it on and it fit so nicely i was shocked. Definetly buy this helmet if your a HardCore airsoft player. I only gave it 4stars because in the very top of the inside of the helmet has a sharp plastic point that stabs at your head (if you have a big head) big its easily fixable just take some velcro and paddinng and BOOM 100 dollar helmet for 20 bucks"

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    Crazy ineffective
    By: Cory

    "I got this helmet with goggles and a balaclava and tested it with my A&K M16 chronoed at 328 FPS and it shot holes in it at 15 feet away ill just use my real steel PASGT helmet for now"

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    PASGT Helmet
    By: Red Ryder

    "I got this as part of my first kit. I do not like it at all. First off, it would move all over the place on my head. I had to set it to almost the tightest setting for it to not move. I also had to wear a wool cap to prevent it from moving. When I used this in a skirmish, of course, I was shot in the head. It is SUPER loud and it makes you jump. You'll know if you're hit. Overall, I don't like it. I'd spend the money on a better helmet."

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    Poor sizing for small heads
    By: Llama

    "Works well I guess if you have a really big head, otherwise it is huge. It's thin plastic with no padding and minimal grip on your head, cheap parts and eventually the bolts holding on the straps will loosen. You get what you pay for I guess."

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