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Police Army PASGT Riot Gear Tactical Helmet for Airsoft - OD Green

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    Our take:  This is a high quality Replica PASGT Police/Army/Riot Helmet in OD Green and is both rugged and durable, made to take punishment in any game of airsoft, where it will protect you from tons of direct BB-hits.  Made of high quality ABS plastic and weighing in at about 1.5 pounds (750g), it is extremely comfortable and protects the entire head/skull.

    Fully adjustable with positionable chip strap and comfort pads.  For the price, it can't be beat.  Highly versatile and extremely useful in the field, this helmet provides a good view of the field without compromising protection from BBs.

    Color:  OD GREEN

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    Product Reviews

    By: yea

    "this helmet is just what i was looking for, becuse i got a bunch of d**ks who aim for my head when i go airsofting. so this takes the hit instead of my head. i still have big welts from when i didnt have this helmet, but i havent felt one hit to the head ever since i got this helmet. i will warn you though, it is really bulky, so when you think your all the way in cover, you might not be because of the helmet. worth the money tho so get it."

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    Nice Helmet
    By: Tyler Phernetton

    "I was really excited about buying it.It got here really fast.I opend the box and put it on then ajusted it.Pretty comfertable.Sturdy,light weight,fully adjustable. Only 2 problems, the straps are very cheap, ant the helmet is very wide and big,other than that, great helmet"

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    Suitable Helmet
    By: Libelle

    "The plastic is a fragiler kind that will shatter if struck hard. It probably has one good fall in it. If looking for crash protection, look elsewhere. But, the harness and chinstrap is nylon and comfortable for long-term wear, though, the fitting are plastic. It fits a PASGT helmet cover without a problem is light on the head. Also, it does stop bb's very, and the brim is nice in the sun. It also breaths well. Be aware that it tends to funnel hearing forward though. Pros Lightweight stylish and shady Inexpensive Cons Not for falls or strong bumps, such as vehicle crewman or the clumsy (like this reviewer)"

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    Great overall
    By: Tommy Golding

    "This helmet is heavy and it feels very sturdy. I highly recomend getting it. Made of 1/4" thick ABS plastic and it stops BB's perfectly. It looks even cooler when you have had a few battles with it and some paint gets chipped off from direct hits. The only con is that it gets kind of hot inside sometimes but all you have to do is take it off for a second and you cool right down. 4.9999 stars. Buy it."

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    Not very sturdy/cheap straps
    By: airsftdad

    "Looks really cool and great for airsoft, but BREAKS VERY EASILY and chin strap webbing and clips are flimsy. If you are hard on gear/clumsy, I would NOT get this. My son broke his in half the third time he wore it. It fell of (broken strap) and hit a rock. Remember, this is just plastic. If you want head pro for airsoft/paintball and don't have to have total mil-sim look, get a skateboarder helmet and paint it tan/O.D."

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    By: Timmy

    "Way two big ,bad chin strap and it broke when i dropped it"

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    "I would recommend putting a better strap on it. Right out of the box I put it on and the strap broke. Very cheap string/cloth so I would recommend getting an actual helmet strap."

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    Bad Chinstrap
    By: Jacob

    "The helmet itself is great. If your looking for replica purposes it is fine, but if your going to use for air soft look for something else. If your looking to put a helmet cover on it don't. It doesn't fit right unless im putting on wrong but I don't see a correct way to put a cover on it. Getting to my biggest point the chin strap IT IS TERRIBLE!! After one game of airsoft the strap seam unraveled and after I duck taped it the plastic buckle broke and after that there was no way to hold it on my head it kept falling off. Like I said before this helmet is only good for cosmetic purposes."

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