FDG Rapid Deploy Bipod Foregrip for Airsoft AEG Rifles - BLACK

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    Our take: This rapid deploying tactical Bi-pod Fore-grip is extremely durable and mounts easily to all 20mm Weaver rail systems. The robust design ensures that this bi-pod grip can support even the heaviest support weapons. The Bi-pod grip can be quickly and easily mounted to any standard rail system through its easy to use screw on 20mm mount. The grip deploys the bi-pod legs with the push of a button for rapid deployment, which is perfect for intense airsoft firefights. This Bi-pod grip provides a great and sturdy shooting platform, ensuring that you are on target every time. This Bi-Pod Fore-Grip is perfect for support gunners, designated marksman, or even sniper rifles! Bring your airsoft game to the next level with this rugged Bi-Pod Grip!

    NOTE:  This grip-pod DOES NOT include the gun displayed in the product images.

    Weight: 6.7 oz.
    Height: 6" (retracted), 8.5" (deployed)
    Material: High Grade Tactical Nylon
    Operation: Push Button Deployment

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    Product Reviews

    One of the best bipod-grips I've ever seen
    By: Skylar

    "I bought this for my Umarex G36C and DAMN was this a great addition. It doesn't shift or wobble on the rails, the bipod is extremely stable, and it clicks in and out crisply. I only have two complaints about it, and that's the weight and the button that deploys the bipod. This thing is unnecessarily heavy. It's not as heavy as an AEG or anything, but if you want to stay mobile I wouldn't recommend this. However, I'm not the strongest person I know, so it may just be me. But I can say that it makes my G36C feel almost twice as heavy when it's equipped, which is NOT fun when you're running around an outdoor field all day. Moving on to the button, it feels... awkward. With bare hands or fingerless gloves, I have no trouble pressing it on the fly. But with my shooting gloves, I need to push down with my thumb as hard as I can. This could be fixed by flipping the grip around and pressing the button with your trigger finger on your offhand (I'm a righty, so for me it's my left hand trigger finger). I can't do this, though, because of the sling attachment point on my G36C. I know I spent a lot of time on the two big negatives, but this thing is AWESOME. And for 13 bucks? Why haven't you clicked "add to cart" yet?"

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    Great for the price
    By: John

    "I bought this to use with an Army SAW and M4. It's not quite as sturdy as the $60+ ones I've found from gun websites, but it is great for the cost. The only issue I'm having is a weak spring. When deploying the bipod, the legs only come out about 2/3 of the way. After that I have to pull them out. I'm going to try to put a few drops of gun lube on the legs to see if that will help them slide out. If not, I'll just find a replacement spring. If that's the only issue I have, it is well worth paying 1/3 the price."

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    Good foregrip
    By: S

    "I like this foregrip. It feels solid, and the bipod is very useful. Plus, you can take the bipod out, if you so desire. I use this on my JG S-System M4, and I would definitely buy it again."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: ceaajagd

    "its great, well i like it. its abs plastic but it will take some punishment, its a little noisy so you have to take it out carefully, its black and the spring rattles so you have to put some cushioning in there. but its very convenient and cool and well worth $20 yeah and dont ask questions here this is for reviews. if you have a question then ask the techs by email"

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    By: Biohazard Entertainment

    "Just received this, and I freakin' love it. Really sturdy, durable, it fits great on my G&G M4 Raider's rails. No wobbling whatsoever. The only problem I have is the same as the review below. With the rattling of the springs and whatnot inside it when you deploy the bipod, you get used to it, and no It's not broken."

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    just like ergo grip, but with prongs on bottom
    By: i've seen it

    "they have it on a gun they sell(i dont kno which, probly a sniper AEG) kinda like this(this on left, ergo one on right): | | | | | | | | | | ( ) / \ bipod part is small, as you can see, but grip is same as on ergo"

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    black bipod
    By:  Connor

    "this is the handle bipod on most of the custom guns."

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    to the guy with the rail question
    By: sam

    "it attackes to the bottom rail it is basicly a fore grip and out of the bottom a bipod comes out"

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    two guys below me
    By: Everest

    "ok the grip you want to put on the top so your aim can be steady... oh or on the side since ya shoot like a gangster maybe put it on the stock for a extended stock?"

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    great but problems
    By: Ross DeBlock

    "i just got this bipod today it fits perfectly on my rail but when the press the button and the bipod shoots out, the spring and other objects inside it moves around and raddles , but when u put the bipod back up it makes no sound"

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    good for the price
    By: Mike Smith

    "it is very loud when u press the button and somthing rattels around in it... not for sneaking "

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    Will not fit on JG M4 S-system
    By: William

    "So I bought the JG M4 S-System and read the reviews here, I even called to ask first I this bipod would fit. Being former military I knew the advantages of this type of grip since I used a similar one. However! This POS will not fit on the standard rails that come with the M4. Waste of 20 dollars. I have tried for hours mind you to find a way to get it to fit."

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