VB-Power 8.4V NiMH Mini Battery for Electric AEG - 1600 mAh

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    Our take:  This is a premium VB-Power high-quality NiMH rechargeable battery for use in most airsoft AEGs.  Quality is comparable to Intellect-manufactured battery packs, with large capacity (1600mah) to outlast other battery packs out on the Airsoft field.

    Top-notch quality for assured performance.  VB-Power batteries are well known in the R/C hobby market and are a premier Airsoft battery in the European market.  Airsoft Megastore is the FIRST retailer in the US to bring customers this high-quality, high-performance battery at an absolutely unbeatable price.

    VB-Power battery cells go through the same rigorous testing and quality control processes as Intellect batteries do,  are backed by a community of satisfied customers.

    If you are looking for a great deal on a high performance battery, VB-Power is a great way to go.

    High Performance - #16 AWG Ultra Low Resistance Silicone Wiring used for maximum performance.

    Capacity:  1600mah
    Voltage:  8.4v
    Plug Type:  Mini-Tamiya Female
    Cell Size:  2/3A
    Number of Cells:  7 Cell
    Chemistry:  NiMh

    Other specs:  30-amp drain rate. NO memory effect (durable). Mini pack configuration.  Best if stored in temperatures between 35-70 degrees.  Keep away from sun light or heat.

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    Product Reviews

    VB-Power High Performance battery
    By: Jaymes Gabrielli

    "Pro's - Small, and a very easy fit in most guns - Long lasting - 3.5 hour charge (I reccomend a smart charger for fastest charge) - Powerful Con's - The wires that run to the connector are pretty long so you might half to get creative putting it in the gun - At first, the connectors (for me) came switched so I had to simply pull them out and switch them. Overall the battery is a very good battery for the price, will work on most airsoft guns that support use for a small type battery. Guns that should work with this -MP5's (Not sure about all mp5's but it worked for my mp5-sd6) -M4's -M16's -R36C's/G36C's And several others (I haven't tested it with every gun yet)"

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    Just like any other brand.
    By: TJ

    "I haven't noticed any charging or performance issues with any VB batteries. I use them, and find they work just as well as any other brand. The lower the voltage on your battery, the slower your rate of fire. So, a 9.6v battery will give you a higher rate of fire than this. The MAH is just it's capacity and how long it will last. For me, 1600 mah batteries when properly charged will last around 4-5 hours of decent shooting."

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    Small Battery Affordable long lasting
    By: Salvatore Orrico

    "i bought this battery with the Airsoft DBoys Large Premium AN PEQ-2 Battery Box Case RIS Mount, because it had a combo deal going on with both of them and i couldn't be happier with the battery. with that peq box, you can fit two of those batteries in there. but the downfall is i had to zip tie my peq box to my gun and airsoft mega store is sending me another box so now i can buy 3 more of these batteries and have a total of 5 batteries. 4 of these 8.4's and my 7.4 1600 Lipo. i would suggest however converting the plug to a deans connected because those stock connectors tend to melt after time and you also get a better ROF with a deans connector. ontop of it i used this battery to corno my gun and it brought it right under 400 FPS on my AEG because my lipo gives out 430 FPS and i didn't want to get a tag on my gun for Semi-auto only but reguardless the battery gets the job done and lasted me the hole 8 hours of play."

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