VB-Power Airsoft 7.4V 2200 mAh 15C Lithium Polymer LIPo Mini Battery

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    - LIPO batteries cannot be charged with any standard battery chargers -- they MUST be charged with specific LIPO battery chargers -- overcharging LIPO batteries is dangerous, so a LIPO specific balance charger MUST be used in conjunction with your LIPO battery
    - It is in your best interest to keep LIPO batteries fully charged, both when in usage and in storage.  To fully charge the battery, you must use a LIPO smart charger that stops the charge immediately after it senses the LIPO battery is fully charged.
    - NEVER discharge a LIPO battery (there is no need)

    Our take:  The all-new premium VB-Power 7.4v Lithium Polymer small type (LiPO, for short) battery pack is one of the best upgrades for select LiPO-ready high-FPS, full metal gearbox airsoft guns that support standard SMALL-type batteries (M4, G36, MP5 etc).  Widely acknowledged, both in the airsoft and hobby fields as the most revolutionary power source since Nickel Metal Hydride battery technology, LiPO batteries allow your rifle motors to run at HIGHER speeds, drastically improving rate of fire, while outlasting all other types of batteries on the field.
    - Lithium Polymer 2200mAh battery pack.
    - Comes with align balance connector
    - Replaces mini-type NiMH/NiCd batteries

    Weight:  0.35lbs
    Voltage:  7.4V
    Configuration:  Small-Type
    Capacity:  2200mAh

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    Product Reviews

    totally worth the money!
    By: Ben Kooienga

    "YOU WANT THIS BATTERY. TRUST ME. pros: fits in my m4 better lasts absolutely FOREVER if fact i dont even know what it does when it wears down because i havent seen that happen makes my gun shoot easily twice as fast as the normal rate cons: none that i can think of. except that you have to buy a special charger. i guess that could be a con. "

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    Get this battery!!
    By: Rooshbag

    "I've had this battery for about 2 months now and it's by far my favorite. This thing lasts an insane amount of time, and jacked my fire rate wayyy up. The charge lasts me a full day of airsofting, and then some, and I play the support gunner, so I'm firing about 3000-6000 rounds a day, and this thing lasts. The only bad thing about this battery is that, oh wait, i almost forgot. THIS THING IS PERFECT!!! Pros- -long lasting -short charge time (im guessing 1-2 hours) -small -increases fire rate, probably doubles it! Cons- -people tend to hide when they hear my gun =)"

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