VB-Power Standard Wall Charger for Mini Type Battery Packs

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    Our take:  The VB-Power standard wall charger for mini-type battery packs is an economical way of charging your mini-type battery (battery w/ mini Tamiya plug).  While we recommend the use of a smart charger to ensure that your battery does not get overcharged in the event of user error/overlook, the standard wall charger works great for those looking for a cheap battery charger.

    Compatible with:  8.4v and 9.6v mini-type batteries
    Output:  300mah current

    NOTE:  Standard wall chargers, if not watched/timed carefully during charging, can overcharge and cause damage to your battery.  To make sure you do not overcharge your battery, please follow the charging time formula provided below.

    Proper charge time formula for your battery (quoted from our Player Resource Center):

    The general rule for charging a battery is to charge the battery for X hours, where X is the number you get after dividing the MAH of the battery by the MAH of the charger (found on the charger's sticker).

    For example:  You are charging an 8.4V standard 1600 MAH mini battery with this charger, which outputs 300mah (as listed above).

    CHARGE THIS PARTICULAR COMBO for:  1600 divided by 300 = 5.3 hours or approximately 5 and a quarter hours.

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    You need it
    By: abcdefg

    "Sometimes when you have a smart charger , it will sometimes not recognize that you plug in your battery. It does that because, if your battery is completely dead, then you NEED a wall charger, but only to charge it for 20 minutes THEN use your smart charger. So the smart chargers aren't exactly "smart". YOU NEED BOTH WALL AND SMART CHARGER!!!"

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    It works but,
    By: TJ

    "Buy a smart charger. This is something to give your friends if they lost their charger. This runs the risk of overcharging and damaging your batteries."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Parker

    "this wall charger is not very good. My 8.4 v battery takes 5 hours to charge and it over charged. you are better off getting a smart charger that stops the charging when it is done and it only takes an hour and a half to charge a 8.4 v. do not buy this."

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