WellFire M4 RIS Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Flashlight + Foregrip

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Our take:  The WellFire M16 RIS TacSpec AEG comes loaded with accessories such as a flashlight and a tactical foregrip.  It is a unique Airsoft starter AEG that is gravity-fed, so BBs are loaded through the top of the mock scope that sits on top of the receiver.  A retractable rear stock has been installed on this rifle, so you can adjust the stock to best suit your shooting position.

It has enough power for a starter electric, and for its price, you are purchasing an automatic for what other airsoft retailers would sell a spring pistol.  This is an AWESOME deal!

Operation:  Electric Automatic
Firing Modes:  Full-automatic
Muzzle Velocity:  200-240 FPS
Magazine:  Gravity-feed holds 150rds
Gearbox:  ABS Plastic
Hop-up:  Fixed
Weight:  3.5 pounds

Ammo type:  0.12 gram seamless BBs

Package includes:  Rifle, rechargeable battery, wall charger, flashlight, foregrip

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Product Reviews

By: whatisaname

"magazine in scope which i dont like. but it is very good."

Was this review helpful to you?
2nd AEG
By: Bryce Kopyta

"Hopes are up my first AEG sucked so ya looks great"

Was this review helpful to you?
Just wondering
By: robby

"I am going to get this gun, and from the other reviews, it sounds pretty good. Does anyone else have this gun?"

Was this review helpful to you?
Going to possibly get this gun
By: Bennett

"I m 11 and am looking at this gun...does anyone know anything more about this gun? Thank u."

Was this review helpful to you?
to Tommy from Lynnwood, WA United States
By: Ethan D.

"get the non scilenced m4 or p90 i have both and recomend"

Was this review helpful to you?
Fun rifle at great price
By: T Ham

"This is my first airsoft rifle and I think it's great. Things I liked: -Feels great -easy setup -batteries seem to last a long time Little dislikes: -scope in the magazine It's a little odd that the magazine is the scope but that is the only downer for me. Heck, it may have said that in the description but I missed it. Will definitely be buying more from this site and this seems to be a fantastic starter rifle."

Was this review helpful to you?
By: Alex Johnson

"This gun is very good. Obviously you got the pownage of the M16 and the red dot is pretty good"

Was this review helpful to you?
Pretty Good
By: Dylan

"Great gun for starters, only problem is the grip breaks off easily. Other than that it works great."

Was this review helpful to you?
By: Javier

"First airsoft rifle, hope is good"

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mock scope gravity feed
By: Daniel Barrera Jr

"I love the high capacity gravity feed it takes a while to run out, the bad side to these kinds of guns is that you can't sight down the barrel, you end up having to watch where the bb's fly"

Was this review helpful to you?
Get a shotgun instead
By: HonestAirsofter

"pros looks accurate cons plastic hard to cock and aim at the same time noisy reloaing=give away position My recomendation is that you buy a shotgun that does NOT use shells. They are the same(or better) fps and are easier to cock. "

Was this review helpful to you?
first gun
By: Tommy

"i am about to get my first gun with a $60 dollar budget with bbs and gear and i was wondering if i should get this gun over the wellfire m4 ris tacspec aeg. please reply"

Was this review helpful to you?
RE: to $60 budget question
By: Frederick Pundzak

"I personally think you should get the DE M4A1 RIS Full Size Automatic Electric AEG Rifle w/Flashlight and Red Dot Scope. its an amazing gun for price, and the only one i can think of that compares for same or similar price is DE R36C TacSpec Full Size Automatic Electric AEG Rifle w/ Flashlight and Red Dot Scope but that one always seems to be out of stock."

Was this review helpful to you?
By: Brendan Horn

"Good gun for starters. Pros: Good rate of fire heavy decently accurate (some bullets shoot off up or sideways) long battery life Cons: Scope holds BB's Battery goes in magazine Gravity fed always gets jammed after so many shots because BB's stick on each other and block the hole."

Was this review helpful to you?
By: A person

"I was really excited because it looks so cool right! It fell out of my hand and destroyed into 3 pieces! my message is simple: DON'T GET RIP OFFED LIKE I DID ND GO BUY SOMETHING ELSE!!! DO NOT WASTE MONEY"

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