WellFire Airsoft Mod 5 Spring Rifle w/ Flashlight and Mock Sight

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    Our take: The WellFire Airsoft Mod 5 tactical spring rifle is an excellent entry-level spring rifle.  The package comes complete with a tactical flashlight and mock sight, to add both realism and convenience during use. It is on par with spring rifles in this price range, and is extremely well built for an Airsoft gun under $30.  From the factory, it comes with an enhanced spring and fixed hop up, allowing it to shoot with power and accuracy.  The Mod 5 tactical spring rifle has a unique shape that differentiates it from other, more common M5 models on the market.  The rear stock is futuristic, and the overall profile of the rifle is compact for better maneuverability in tight spaces.  Great for the beginner or occasional Airsoft enthusiast looking for a spring action rifle to do target practice with.

    NOTE:  This spring gun is not recommended for field use.  This airsoft gun shoots at low muzzle velocity and is not built to endure heavy gameplay.  While this airsoft gun is perfect for backyard skirmishes, or as a movie prop or collectible, we recommend that you browse through our High Performance AEGs page for our full selection of field-ready guns.  You will find a wide variety of automatic electric guns on this page, including inexpensive AEGs perfect for new players.

    Operation:  Spring Action
    Firing Modes: Manual spring action
    Muzzle Velocity: 240-270 FPS
    Magazine: 30-round standard magazine
    Hop-up:  Fixed
    Weight:  3.5 pounds
    Ammo type:  0.12 gram seamless BBs, 0.20 gram seamless BBs

    Package includes:  Rifle, manual, magazine, flashlight

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    Product Reviews

    Bad sights, good gun

    "I was first off very impressed with the very robust and durable build, despite the cheap plastic construction. A very strong and surprisingly accurate (considering the size and rudimentary build) but the sights are absolutely horrid! they are not only inaccurate, but but not able to even be used, as the rail system blocks them! other than that, troubles with the magazine are common, its not a broken parts issue as much as it is just a problem loading the magazine, it requires patience and delicate handiwork, even with a speed loader. good strength and good velocity overall trump over the mag and sights issue. great for CQB battles, not so much for field work, though."

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    By: Foolbag101

    "This gun has terrible accuracy and sights. Eventually I just started to use it like a shotgun. Not to mention putting on all the attachments. I spent a solid 2 or 3 hours trying to put on attachments. The hammer (or whatever you want to call it) is way to small and is hard to pull back. However, you get used to it. One last thing the flashlight flickers on and off CONSTANTLY."

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