WellFire Airsoft M1911-A1 Heavyweight Airsoft Pistol w/ Railed Frame

Muzzle Velocity: 220 FPS
Build Material: Polymer
Color: Black
Product Code:

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    Our take: WellFire's M1911-A1 is a fine example of what WellFire is capable of as an Airsoft manufacturer, and is a strong reason to be optimistic about the future of the sport of Airsoft.  In manufacturing this M1911-A1, they have solidified their role as bringing high grade Airsoft to the market at low, reasonable prices.

    The build quality on this pistol is superb, and the biggest advantage to this gun has got to be its weight and sheer realism.  It is on par with the best  pistols on the market, and is on the TOP of the food chain in terms of spring pistols. Quality constructed with metallic internal components and a heavyweight polymer frame, the Ultra-Grade M1911-A1 is built to perform as well as it feels.

    This pistol is powerful, shooting at up to 285 FPS (feet per second) using 0.12g seamless BBs with an effective range of over 75 feet!  These performance figures are simply shocking for a SPRING pistol, let alone one for under $50.  Add on a functional safety in the traditional M1911 fashion, and you've got a real winner in terms of both performance and value.

    The pistol also features a railed frame, allowing it to be compatible for all standard weaver/20mm mounts.  With the railed frame, the M1911A1 from WellFire eagerly accepts attachments such as lasers, tactical flashlights, and more, with a quick and easy attachment onto the rail.

    From the high grade components to the realistic feel, this pistol is definitely a great buy, especially at Airsoft Megastore's guaranteed lowest price.

    Power:  235-285 FPS with 0.12g seamless BBs, 200-220 FPS with 0.20g seamless BBs
    Safety:  Functional, located at the rear of the slide
    BB Type:  0.12g or 0.20g seamless 6mm BBs
    Package includes:  Ultra-Grade WellFire pistol, magazine, manual

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    Product Reviews

    great springer
    By: rockydempsey

    "this gun is very nice. it made of high grade plastic. it looks really cool. it is quite accurate with .20 gram bbs. the magazine is cheap plastic but it works. pros nice plastic 100 foot range with .20 gram bbs good side arm 240 fps with .20 gram bbs 300 fps with .12 gram bbs I got it for free it has two safeties and you can see the inside when you cock it cons the magazine is cheap plastic the magazine only holds 12 bbs compared to 18-22 in some of my other pistols. it is very nice, it was free and performs very very well for a springer, good beginners gun. In fact this gun is more accurate than some co2 and green gas guns that I have use. even though I have a gas pistol and a high end aeg I still carry this gun in battles because ware as gas may run out and batteries might go dead, a springer will never fail and there is nothing quite like a kill with a springer when your opponent is going auto "

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    Great sidearm!
    By: Ace of Spades

    "This gun is realistic and is more than I expected. It has a 60 round mag (only 12 loaded at a time, with the resevoir of 48. It has a decent weight and shoots 80ish feet 8 out of 12 times. The breach does open when you slide the rail which is awesome. I recommend this gun to any sniper who needs a good, cheap, sidearm."

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    My ratings
    By: Clay

    "Durability: 8/10 Accuracy: 7/10 Range: 7/10 Ease to use: 9/10 Performance: 9/10 Power: 9/10 Features: 9/10 Weight: Just under a pound Structure- Body: hard ABS Polymer Mag: weaker plastic, might break if dropped"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: that one guy

    "This springer is very accurate. I got it for free with a promo, which is a very good deal. This gin is very durable. I left it outside for a week in about 80 degree heat and it was fine. It was a very good pistol, but it broke because one of my idiot friends pulled the slide back wrong. FYI you are supposed to pull it back, not rip it off."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: vb yhk bg

    "awesome one of the best spring pistol recommend using .2"

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    orange tip
    By: miles brandon

    "actually you can remove the orange tip once you purchase the gun. its just illegal for a company to send an airsoft gun without the tip. you can buy a separate flash hider to replace the orange one"

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    awesome metal gun for the price!!!!
    By: Chris Miller

    "i was skeptical about this gun at first cause i could not find any other reviews for it. But i decided to just go for it. The risk was worth it, this is an awesome gun it feels great the metal really makes it worth the money. it goes about 260 with .20 bbs, it is all metal except the grips and the magazine but it is high quality plastic. the slide sounds realistic when pulled back and the open ejection port makes it that much better. If you are looking for a good springer this is a must buy, and you cant beat the price either."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Mason J.

    "This was an amazing pistol. IT is very sturdy and accurate and was the best springer I've had. Mine i lost in a battle though.... =*("

    Was this review helpful to you?
    rateing of the pistol
    By: curtis branz

    "its a great gun very accurte and good fps. you can get this gun for $20 on amazon.com"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Matt

    "spring duh can't you read this is from one of the paragraphs above: This pistol is powerful, shooting at up to 285 FPS (feet per second) using 0.12g seamless BBs with an effective range of over 75 feet! These performance figures are simply shocking for a SPRING pistol, let alone one for under $30. Add on a functional safety in the traditional M1911 fashion, and you've got a real winner in terms of both performance and value."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    sick gun
    By: Chuck

    "this gun is the best!!!! i wish the fps was a little higher but thats it. Its rediculous that the,re giving it away for free too! "

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Orange tip
    By: Brady

    "Removing the orange tip from an airsoft gun is illegal. The reason they have it is to show it isn't a real gun. If you have it with you without the orange tip you can be arrested. Gun looks good. 5 *****"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Good but,
    By: Aaron Skinner

    "This is a very good gun, good accuracy, pretty good fps (not quite 285, more like 180 min- 230 max,) the magazine broke on mine, and the barrel broke, but I fixed it with some epoxy and it only took about half an hour. I'd suggest this gun if you can't afford an electric/gas, it's a very good, cheap gun. I would definitely recommend it though."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Great gun
    By: Patterson Airsoft weapons technician

    "This pistol is mostly constructed of plastic, but the internals are metal. The fps is decent for a spring pistol. It has a open ejection port when you pull back the slide. Very comfortable in your hand. The slide is very easy to pull back making fast shooting quite possible. It's kinda light, but you can take it apart and add more weight if you like. Pretty accurate, for me it shoots a little high, but is easy to manipulate. I've never had any misfunctions, jams, breakage, or any other problems. I highly recommend this pistol to anyone who's on a budget"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    M1911 Worth it
    By: David A

    "Well at first I thought this was one of those cheap low quality made pistols but, I was WRONG. It's really accurate, shoots like about 180 fps and FULL METAL! The only thing I dislike is the black paint can easily be scratched off and the slide sometimes doesn't well "slide" back well but a little lubricant oil should fix it. Anyway awesome pistol for its price and oh yeah anyone who doesn't know how this pistol functions its spring and holds about 15 bb's I believe."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    One of the best spring powered hand guns
    By: Wrath

    "Man so we have had some fun wars in the basement and outside and I love this fun. I wish that they would have given this to me rather than that TINY one that is all metal in this last promo. Cons: Plastic "thats it" Pros: Umm Everything else Shoots hard enough Shoots Straight Has a clip that is the easiest to reload "basically you fill it like a mag then shake it with the spring pulled down and bam its is reloaded" I would strongly recommend this to anyone wanting a spring powered gun. "

    Was this review helpful to you?
    love it
    By: that guy

    "this was a very good gun because it was free. my friend bought a revolver and this is way better. i wouldnt buy it though because if you want a good pistol get a co2."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Great Gun
    By: Tim Woelk

    "This gun is just great with its looks and accuracy its just awesome, and what they dont tell is that it actually has an open ejection port which is nice for seeing if its loaded. It also has both saftys and a hammer that does work but doesnt matter for shooting though. the best for the price. Definally a 5 satar gun"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Great for the price
    By: David

    "Very realistic 1:1 ratio, the clip is made out of shitty plastic but you dont notice because its in the gun and holds the bb's just fine. The clip holds 13 rounds in the spring loader but has a open area that feeds rounds into the spring area when the spring is held down. shoots great, accurate. barrel is also made out of shitty plastic but its hard to notice. Slide sounds great and acts great."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Cant wait

    "I got this free with my order and i know its a spring pistol but still it looks good and it says it has solid construction. And yes you have to pull back the slide to shoot it person below me lol"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    great spring pistol
    By: anthony cairo

    "has a great feel and is durable mine had a weird rattle like a loose part but didnt effect the firing of the gun. yes it has to be cock by hand for every shot. has a clip like ive never seen it like normal but has a space in the back for twenty more bbs and when you pull the clip spring down it there a way for them to fill the mag the door on the back of mine wont stay closed anymore but the clip still works. its a great gun other than that one aspect."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Very good
    By: Aaron Huisingh

    "for a spring pistol i say this thing is over all a very good. i use it as a secondary and during a war my AEG ran out of ammo so i pulled this out and beat other kids how and AEGs and gas powered ones. its very durable too, i dropped it in my creek and it was totally submerged in water and i pulled it out amd it still shot fine. best spring pistol you can get"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Good for a spring.
    By: Timmmmahhhhhh

    "Got it for free. i guess $30 is a fair price. not really that special or effective since you have to cock it after each shot. Still usable though as an emergency secondary. PROS -easy to pull back -it actually has a bb well unlike some pistols where you have to reload after 10 shots. you just take out the magazine, pull down the spring and give it a couple shakes upside down to re-fill the mag CONS -relaod after each shot -not good past like 50 ft"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    The gun itself
    By: Dan

    "Awesome pistol, decently acurate with .12's from 40-50 feet away, and with .2's dead on target, hav'nt played any games with it yet, but i will soon i just got this gun today and i love it, full metal, its got a plasic grip(the stuff that looks like wood) awesome gun, i recomend it ! :D, oh yea and the mag is kinda weird, its like got extra storage for about 2 mags worth of bbs, that you just pull the little spring down and tip the mag and your reloaded, anyway good gun for just shooting around. :D"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Justin

    "I got this for free but do you have to pull the slide back every time to shoot it or is this semi-auto...."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    GREAT SPRING PISTOL ( i would give it 4 1/2 stars)

    "VERY GOOD PISTOL OVERALL PROS decent fps very accurate inexpensive easy to cock gun cons plastic (not that much of a problem but metal is nice) if you don't cock the gun all the way the first time an extra bb could pop out and get stuck in the gun I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS GUN IF YOU CAN'T AFFORD A GAS PISTOL"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    guy under me
    By: airsoft dude

    "yea, you can take the red tip off, and your right it does look nice, this pistol is amazing, great weight, metal slide, you can lock the slide back, just like a real 1, and the pistol grip saftey. all in all 6/5, coolest airsoft pistol i have ever owned. this is the gun of guns! GET IT!!!!!!!"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Jason

    "Pros: The magazine is great. It has a BB reservoir that holds 30 or 40 (I haven't counted) BBs. When it's time to reload, you just pull down the spring and shake more BBs into place. The safety doubles as a slide lock, so inserting it into tight holsters won't rack the action. .20g BBs leave pretty convincing welts. Cons. "Heavyweight" is a lie. This is just barely heavier than the cheapest plastic guns and not the semi-realistic weight that I was expecting. Inaccurate. Even .20g golden balls fly like crap. They are all over the map at short range and curve drastically upwards after 40 feet. Watching .12g BBs shoot straight up is a total joke. This gun would be more than acceptable at the $20 price point, but do not pay full price for this thing. My friend's $18 walmart special baretta shoots faster, straighter (it actually has a hop up), and much more consistently."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Good gun for free
    By: Carol Chabot

    "I got this gun with my Tommy gun and it's not bad. Pros: accuracy is nice, looks cool, holds a lot of ammo. Cons: not heavy, all plastic, hard to cock sometimes. But since this gun was free it was a good buy "

    Was this review helpful to you?
    O.K. spring pistol
    By: Happy Shooter

    "This is a fairly good spring pistol. I got it for free off of one of the $100 giveaway a few months back, and it's an alright sidearm. It hasn't jammed on me, and I haven't had any other difficulties. The fps is mediocre, and the fact that it's plastic was kind of a downer, but what ya gonna do? If you want a good pistol, buy a gas or Co2 one."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Daniel

    "Overall, this pistol was a disappointment. It shoots alright with .2's,the magazine is made of low quality plastic, as well is the rest of the gun. This pistol is NOT "heavyweight" as advertised. It weighs even less than the cheap springers you buy at the flea market. The only two cools things are the open-ejection port and the faux wood grip, as it is very realistic feeling, however they cannot make up for the rest of the gun. DO NOT buy this pistol if your looking for a full metal, weighted pistol. If you want that you should get the Double Eagle m1911, which is all metal. This gun cost me $12.95, I would not recommend paying any more than that for it."

    Was this review helpful to you?

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