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    Metallic airsoft gas gun propane adapter.

    Fits most-all propane storage devices. Don't waste money on bottles of green gas when green gas = propane. Saves you a ton of money in the long run, as propane is dirt cheap to purchase and MUCH easier to find than green gas.Compatible with ALL airsoft gas guns (same gas nozzle as green gas bottles). Heavy duty metallic construction with cap for maximum durability.

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    THIS IS THE __
    By: Isaiah Twombly

    "ok heres how it went down filling up my gun over the balconey of my 4 story apartment(stupid i know) droped it off the side and it landed point first the nose stuck it after wiggling it it poped out and still works like new this is the best propane adapter ever its indestructable"

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    By: brad selph

    "alot cheaper than green gas and its nice and heavy so no plastic junk"

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    Excellent Adaptor
    By: Suppressed Howitzer

    "This is a good adaptor. There are no gas leaks if you tighten it and it is very durable. It may seem expensive, but if you buy one it will save you lots more money in the long run. I have gone through 2 propane bottles using this ($6), if I had used green gas it would have cost me around $40-50. Make sure to apply silicon oil on the opening of the propane bottle before you attach the adaptor; do this every 5-6 magazine fills. Make sure you use 100% silicon oil, (AMS sells it pretty cheap) if you use anything else like WD-40 or Hoppes 9 your rubber O-rings will melt and you will have to replace them. It will also destroy the O-ring in the propane adaptor rendering it useless. I would recommend this adaptor to anyone who owns a green gas airsoft gun or a 40mm grenade launcher. "

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    "Great buy! I mean great! It's a lot better than buying green gas"

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    Anyone help?
    By: Iain Mercer

    "Does this correspond with C02 and Green Gas "

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    Best adaptor for the money
    By: airsoft convert

    "I picked this adapter for its simple construction and price. The all metal construction is a plus especially for novice users when I was showing my sons to gas up their magazines. But I wish the cap was metal too, I threw the plastic cap away by accident."

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    By: Average Joe

    "I hate using reviews for questions but, would WD40 work as silicon oil?"

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    buy it
    By: AirsoftOhioDude

    "it works and it's durable. need i say more. P.S. the ratings section is not for questions! if you have simple questions to ask, check out forums, google it, or contact customer support. do not give a rating for something you didn't buy!"

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    Metal propane adapter.
    By: Matthew Herrington

    "Do you need lube. If so, where do you put it?"

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