AGM M300 Tactical Sawed Off Pump Action Airsoft Spring Shotgun

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    Our take:  The AGM M300 Tactical pistol grip pump action spring shotgun is one of the realistic looking spring shotguns on the market, for less than $40.00!  This airsoft spring shotgun features a comfortable and compact pistol grip, perfect for close quarters airsoft combat, and a full metal heat shield and inner barrel.  Unlike most other airsoft shotguns, the AGM M300 is magazine fed which makes reloading much easier.  Spring guns are generally considered the easiest and most reliable airsoft guns, because they don't rely on external power sources.  This AGM M300 airsoft spring shotgun can fire in any weather condition, making it perfect for playing during rainy days!  The AGM M300a departure from the AEG/Gas powered Airsoft "norm."  Sure, AEGS are stunning in their rate of fire, but nothing can compare with the feel of a realistic, pump action Airsoft shotgun.  Lock, load, and pump just before drawing down on an opponent and unleashing a barrage of BBs.

    Featuring an integrated adjustable Hop-Up system and a reinforced barrel to maximize not only close-quarter tactical efficiency but also long-range accuracy.  And shooting at 350-400 FPS (with .12g BB's), we can vouch for the indisputable intimidation it brings to bare on the playing field.  This M300 shotgun is equipped with a compact pistol grip that has comfortable finger shelving, giving the "Sawed Off" M300 a highly aggressive and tactical look.  Because of the lack of a full stock, it is very compact and lightweight, weighing only 4 pounds, which helps to reduce fatigue during extended skirmishes.  The package comes with everything you need to use the airsoft shotgun right out of the box, along with a handy speed-loader to get you quickly into the game!

    For a realistic and authentic feeling airsoft pump action shotgun that doesn't break the bank, the AGM "Sawed Off" M300 is an excellent choice!  Players searching for a shotgun which can handle the rigors of both CQB and outdoor play, and a gun which possesses a bit more finesse than what is needed by AEG operators, the new M300 by AGM is where it's at.

    * This shotgun features a functional safety.
    Operation:  High-powered pump action
    Stock Type:  "Sawed Off" Pistol Grip
    Firing Mode: Single Shot/ Pump Action
    Muzzle Velocity: 340-400 FPS (with .12g BB's)
    Magazine:  15 Round Capacity
    Hop-up:  Adjustable
    Weight:  4 pounds
    Construction: Durable ABS Plastic w/ Full Metal Heat Shield
    Ammo type:  0.12gram seamless BBs, 0.20gram seamless BBs, 0.25gram seamless BBs

    Package includes: Shotgun, magazine, manual, speedloader

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    Product Reviews

    Great gun for the price. Feels real, fun to shoot
    By: Mack

    "First things first. Although styled as a shotgun, this pup shoots one BB at a time. That one BB, however, comes flying out in a hurry. I like everything about this gun. It's fun as hell to pump and fire, pump and fire. There are no sights, so you either shoot from the hip or sight down the barrel. It has adjustable hop up, but good luck figuring out how accurate you are with no sights. Just pump and shoot and worry about the details later. :) Nice heavy real feel, looks menacing. Comes with a ram rod so if you're feeling bored you can clean out the barrel. Comes with a nice box you can shoot up. Haha. I love this gun."

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    By: Michael

    "Is this gun hard to pump because i got one at Dicks Sporting Goods and its way to hard. i recently broke my hand and im just wondering because i dont want to get this and i cant use it for a month and a half"

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    Great while it lasted!
    By: David


    Had the full stock version of this AGM shotgun some time back. Tested and fired @360 fps using .20's, and is very accurate with .25's. I attached a short RIS on top and used it with an RDS. Very fun to shoot and is light, which is a welcomed change after hauling all those full-metal AEG's. The hop-up is effective, but I didn't need it with .25's. I don't remember, but I believe it overhopped .20's even when off.

    However, the gun had a flaw where the hop-up chamber wouldn't prevent a bb from falling into the receiver and rattling around. After a while, enough bb's fell into the internals and jammed the pumping mechanism to the point where a part broke. I took apart the gun and it's all plastic inside (except for the spring, of course). There's a nub that should have prevented the bb's from falling into the gun, but I guess someone left off a small tensioning spring at the factory. Doesn't seem like a frequent issue, based on the other reviews, but it did destroy my gun.

    In summary, a very fun inexpensive gun to use. Surprisingly good performance. However, because the internals are all plastic, I wouldn't expect the gun to last. I'll probably get another shotgun, but will be looking for something with metal internals.

    AMS CS:
    Thank you for the review! I am very happy that you enjoyed this shotgun, If you wanted to look into something a bit sturdier, check out the A&K M870 PUMP ACTION METAL SHOTGUN.





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    Do not buy!
    By: Jason

    "Out of my arsenal this gun is the worst, after one battle it lost half of its distance, and the trigger broke, it fires, but after you cock it and shoot, when you cock it again it just fires without you pulling the trigger. And the hop up doesn't make a difference."

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