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JG Airsoft Full Metal 14mm Counter Clockwise CCW Tracer Unit

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    Our take:  JG's new full auto tracer unit with metallic outer shell is a solid, affordable alternative to other premium-priced full auto tracer units.  It replicates the Tokyo Marui full auto tracer down to a T, running on 4 "AAA" batteries with almost universal compatibility with all 14mm CCW [counter-clockwise] threaded barrels.

    - Full metal construction
    - Compatible with 14mm counter clockwise outer barrels

    Package includes:  Tracer unit, 4 "AAA" batteries, sample pack of tracer bb's

    Disclaimer:  Be sure to check your local laws and regulations regarding coloration of the tip of your airsoft gun.  This tip is not painted orange, therefore modification of the flash hider may be necessary before it is attached to your AEG. Removal of your flash hider within the 45-day warranty period, will result in voiding of your warranty.  This aftermarket airsoft part is recommended for airsoft rifles outside the of 45-day warranty.

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    Product Reviews

    JG Tracer/ Silencer
    By: Matt

    "This works & looks great on my JG AUG A3."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Matt Scheaffer

    "I was worried this was going to be junk because it's so cheap compared to others, but it works great!! I love this thing and can't recommend it enough. So fun!!!! This thing is total quality too. Really sturdy. I just wish it had a set screw but other than that this is awesome."

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    Jg tracer review
    By: Alan Labay

    "This is a great tracer unit. The bb's were lit up great each shot and the batteries lasted all day. I would just suggest to turn it off when not in a skirmish the make the battery last otherwise it will drain. Also do not use it on any high powered gas guns. I destroyed the internals of mine with a gas pistol after 2 clips. So my suggestion would be ONLY AEG. This may go for all tracers but Im not sure "

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    Good Tracer
    By: Suppressed Howitzer

    "For all of you wondering what this does, it makes glow in the dark BB's glow via motion sensor and strobe light. You need glow in the dark airsoft BB's in order to get the BB's to glow. This tracer is not powerful enough to make the BB's visible in the daytime, but at dusk and at night the BB's are clearly visible. This tracer works on full auto as well. For all of you wondering if it will work on your gun, it has 14mm counter clockwise treads. If you look at the description of your gun and it says it has 14mm counter-clockwise threads then it will fit on it. Overall this is a great unit. I would recommend it to anybody who wants to add to their airsoft gun."

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    Decent product
    By: Captain Obvious

    "We have one of these tracer units, ours works good, some other people have not had the good ,luck we've had, but that goes with any and everything."

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    Great Tracer Unit
    By: MMG

    "Great Tracer Unit, but beware, you may not get an JG unit. I received an off brand unit, but pretty much as it was described. Works great, I have it on my G&G GR16 and works like a charm. The package came with 4 AAA batteries which was nice of them. You unscrew the bottom (where it threads to the barrel) to be able to insert your batteries. I like the concept, but because your screwing in cw, and unscrewing ccw, your ending up having to hold that tiny part to try and screw it onto your gun. Otherwise you'll end up unscrewing the battery compartment trying to screw it in the gun, I found that a hassle. They should have at least done it half way up to allow for better gripping."

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